Thursday, June 30, 2011

A farewell to a great person...A Disney Salute to you!

I loved running as a young teen. I decided as I got into tenth grade that I would join the Cross Country Running Team. Our Coach was an inspiration, he could run like no other. He was always keeping up with the teen boys that were half his age. He cared for his students and gave them courage to always do there best...not just in running but in life. He was a friend to everyone in the community he lived in and around the area. I remember telling him that one day I would run a Disney marathon.  Now I want to do it even more, not just look them up every year....can't live forever and got to do all the things you love while you are here. My coach was always out doing the things he loved, skiing, running, boating...being active..loving life!
I want to give a Disney Salute to this man who was an amazing role model to his teams, a super friend to many, awesome coach to the teens, terrific father to his sweet daughter, a great husband to his wonderful wife....
You were taken away to young, still at the prime of your life, 58 is not old anymore and you will be missed by so many. You will live on as an inspiration to many! A Disney salute to you Coach, Thanks for everything! May you rest in peace now!

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