Monday, June 13, 2011

A Disney Dream Come True

As a child, I told my parents I was going to work for Disney. When I was a teenager, I wrote in my yearbook that I was going to work for Disney in Graphic Design. As a young adult, I went to work for Disney and got to paint on their ornaments. But then they gave me an opportunity to do some sketching! I remember that one my coordinator at Liberty Square asked what I was majoring in at college. I told her that it was graphic design. She then asked if I would like to work with one of the sketch artist on Main Street! I was so excited and nervous. I draw at Disney, work with a sketch artist, this was amazing! She told me that she would set it up and get back to me on when I would be able to go down there and work with him.
After a few weeks, I got my chance to go see the sketch artist, he was so nice. He showed me how they draw the characters that the guest picked out. I got to go up front at one point and draw a picture myself. I picked Lady to draw. Then I walked around and asked guests when they thought of my drawing. I also got to go back to the sketch room and see what he did there with his drawings. I loved it! I was so happy. I got to sketch for a day with a sketch artist and work for Disney at the same time. It was the best internship I have ever done! He then let me keep my drawing!
This would be the picture of Lady that I did during my internship with Disney in 2003! I framed it the moment I got home! I love that I sketched it myself, right at Disney, right on Main Street! A Disney Dream Come True for me!:) Hope you enjoy my share!

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