Thursday, June 16, 2011

That special feeling at Disney!

There is a special feeling that a person gets when they get to Disney. This feeling is so wonderful and the amazing thing is that it really never goes away. Probably reading this will bring those feeling to you and you aren't even a Disney (well maybe you are)! I remember when that feeling got so strong one time that I started having tears form in my eyes because that wonderful feeling filled me up! I was working at Magic Kingdom and the three o'clock parade went past me. I was lucky to work in Liberty Square, for I saw the parade everyday I worked! I couldn't take my eyes off the parade until it went by and then it was tough to work for I was so filled with JOY! I remember the last day I worked in Liberty Square and the three o'clock parade went past me. I had that feeling of joyfulness and wonder, I had tears forming and I didn't want that moment to ever end!
I notice now that even watching a Disney commercial on TV came bring this feeling on! Waiting in line at the airport waiting to go on the Disney Express can bring this wonderful, joyful feeling that only really happens with Disney! The night before I know I am heading down to Disney can bring this feeling on....LOVE IT!
Even seeing Disney pics like these...

Just seeing these pics just bring so much joyfulness and magic to me! All I do is smile! I took all three of these pics, the first is of Cinderella's Castle, the next two is of the Parade which always happens at three o'clock! Go to love that Disney feeling. Hope you enjoy my post and my Disney pics...and it bring on that special Disney feeling!:)

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