Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Magical Moment

When I was down working at Disney, I worked in Liberty Square. I worked in the gift shops. One gift shop I worked in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. I was stocking the shelves and near the register. It was a quiet morning.  Few guests have popped in and out of the shop. Then I was asked if I would do a magical moment with a guest. This is fun because you get to find someone and have them decorate the Christmas tree we had in the shop and then they would get an ornament. I loved painting on the ornaments and was looking forward to give one to a lucky guest! I walked around the shop for a few minutes and saw a small boy talking with his mom in one of the corners of the store. He was looking a little sad, not as happy as a child could be, so I went up and said, "Hi there little one! How would you like to do a magical moment with me. I need someone special to decorate our Christmas Tree today. Would you like to do it?"
He smiled and almost started to glow. He got excited as I walked him and his mom over to the tree. He started to put up a small Mickey ornament, then a Minnie, then Goofy and so on still he had the tree full of Disney Characters. He was very proud of his work. Then I gave him the ornament that I had painted the day before that read "Magical Moment 2003". His mom loved the ornament and thank me for making her child's day. I was glad I had made his day magical as well. I will never forget that smile on his face when he decorated the tree. He was one happy child when he left the shop that day!

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