Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meeting that Special Character

Everyone has a special character that they can't wait to meet when they go to Disney. It doesn't matter what age you are...seeing that character just lights up the room and sparkles are in your eyes! I couldn't wait to meet mine and at twelve years old, my dream was going to come true...well at least I thought it was....

We got on an airplane in the year 1992 to head for Walt Disney World. I wanted to see Ariel so bad! I had her movie and watched so many times I knew all the songs by heart! I was excited, but sadly I got sick in Florida and never got to see her. I was bummed.

Now going forward eleven year later, I got to try again. I was working at Disney and it was my day off. I waited in 90 degrees weather just to say Hi to Ariel. I was so excited when after an hour of waiting it was my turn to see her. She waved me over and said Hi! I found it hard to talk all of a sudden, it was like I was a child. I was lost of words and my mind just kept saying over and over "HERE SHE IS! ARIEL IN PERSON!" I was smiling and sat near her. After getting a few pics with her I found the words to say Goodbye and told her how she was my favorite. I am sure she hears that a lot, but I just had to tell her. I still look at the picture of us in my Ariel Frame today and smile. Meeting that special character means a lot to us and its a moment we never forget!

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