Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My love for Disney

I just can't get enough of Disney. I love everything about the place,the rides, the resorts,the music, the movies, and the Merchandise! I love to collect all things Disney! Wish I could live right in the heart of Magic Kingdom where I could open my door and Cinderella would be my neighbor waving at me from her castle! I am sure we have all dreamed that! It would be awesome to walk over to The Crystal Palace every morning to eat breakfast! Do shopping down Main Street USA everyday. OK OK...Time for me to stop dreaming at the moment. I am getting off task, but can you blame me! lol
Since I can't have Disney or Magic Kingdom outside my doorstep, I try to bring home as much of it as possible.
Here is my Disney Window. It is still in the works, but I think it's coming along nicely!
I have so many favorites at the window. Starting from the left is Minnie wearing the costume I had to wear when I worked on the cart at the Haunted Manison. Next is our wedding pic, our theme was Mickey and Minnie, so we are wearing the ears, then Mickey is holding a frame with my stepson Sam in it at our wedding. I love Ariel from Little Mermaid so I had to have her in the Jim Shore Collection. I also have Cinderella's Coach in his collection which is center. Then it's my family and me on Splash Mountain behind it. Of course I have to have Tinkerbell, I miss seeing her fly from the castle every night!  Then my favorite pic of Sam with Stitch! Last is Mickey, my stepson gave him to me when we first met for he knew how much I loved Disney.
That is so far my Disney window. I love to stand by it and look outside. Plus it gets me so excited about Disney.
Here is a close up of the Coach! I love this piece from Jim Shore collection. He does such great work. It also comes with the horse of the right side of it. On the left side is my Ariel statue! I might not be living at Disney World, but I love having the feeling of Disney right at home with me:)

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  1. I love your Jim Shore pieces! I have the Cinderella one like your Ariel. I would love to have the coach! Your window is beautiful!


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