Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WDW College Program ...want to work for Disney?

Can't believe it's been 9 years since I have worked for the mouse. I feel like it was just the other day I got my Disney mail in saying that I was going to do the WDW College Program. I was 22 years old. A senior at LSC and ready for an adventure. Why did I pick Disney World for my internship? Here is why...
  • A FAN OF DISNEY. Since I was little, I can remember wanting to work for Mickey Mouse. I wanted to be close to the castle, work with others from all over the world, help spread the magic and just have a fun time. This is the place to do all that! Plus I got to adventure around the parks for free on my days off and when I wasn't working on that day. That was a perk that I enjoyed! 
  • SAFETY. Disney gives you an apartment to live in with others in three different locations. You can choose to live with one, three, five, or seven others in your apartment. And there is security at each place, that if you need them, they come to your apartment or where ever you are to service what you need. I did need them once or twice and they came to help, which was great. Made me feel safe living under Disney's watch. Everyone is friendly and helpful. 
  • PERKS! Yes, there are perks when working for Disney! Great perks and that I used when I was working there. I, alone, got a discount on resorts and merchandise. When it came to tickets, I got money off, but I am not sure if they changed that over the past nine years. One of the months I was working, they allowed cast members to go FREE to the water parks which was fun. And there was a special store where cast members could pick up Disney items that guests couldn't get. 
  • GET TO SEE THE OTHER SIDE!...I was ok with seeing the other side, maybe it was because I had worked at an theme park before. But going behind and learning about Disney and why things where done the why they were, didn't take away the magic. For some, it might make them wish, they didn't see certain things behind the scene, but I seemed ok, and when I was up above, I was in the magic of Magic Kingdom. (I worked at MK)
  • GREAT ON YOUR RESUME. I have to say that after I came back, any place I interviewed for a job asked me about Disney World. It's a big name to have on your resume and looks good there! Sometimes I wish I would have stayed at WDW longer when they asked me too. 
  • CAN ALWAYS GO BACK...once you worked for the MOUSE, and you left in great standing, then you can go back and work summers. I left with GREAT Standing and still have the form that they gave me about my performance working at WDW. It's like getting A's on a report card, you feel great after!
  • LIVING.. you live with others from around the USA. Plus you get to meet cast members for other countries that live in another section of the grounds. They have a computer lab, tennis courts, basketball courts, pools and much more. Everything you need to enjoy yourself while you are working at WDW. I never really felt home sick, well, not to often. There was so much to do! 
  • WORKING AROUND THE WORLD...even though you are given a place to work and job to do most of the time. There are times when they will ask you to adventure someplace else. So you can see other jobs at WDW. I worked mostly at Liberty Square, but I got to work at Splash Mountain once which was so much fun!
  • FUN PARTIES. When you work at the parks, they hold fun get together for cast members that work at the parks. I have got to play in Space Mountain Arcade where we didn't have to pay. We played for three hours and never had to pay once! I also got my award that night for being a great cast member. I think I even left with tears in my eyes.
  • GRADUATION! That was my favorite and I'll remember it always. Mickey and the gang come out and dance, sing and talk with all the WDW College Program cast members. We get our caps to wear and then we got to take pictures with all the characters after. I loved it! 
Me and my roommate on graduation day!

Plus Making new friends...three of the girls I room with, I still talked with after nine years. So, you will make friends that you will keep for a long, long time!:)

So, want to have a fun, safe, challenging internship...this could be for you! It doesn't matter your age, who you are....just got to be taking classes when you try for the program. Plus a perk is that you can take classes at WDW and have them transferred back to your college. :)
Working for the Mouse is an Adventure of a LIFETIME! 


  1. What a great opportunity! I wish I had done it when I was younger.

  2. I can't wait to apply!!! It just sounds like the chance of a lifetime!!


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