Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bring back spooky memories...working at MK, Haunted Mansion

I loved my job working at Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. I also liked that I got to work the Haunted Mansion cart. I got to see the faces of guests as they exited the mansion. Most faces where fine, some were happy, some were crying, others looked scared when they came over to the cart. Everyone loved looking at the Haunted Mansion Merchandise that was being sold. The favorite was an invisible dog! Yes, we had a leash to NOTHING, and called it a dog! It sold for around $5.00. And most days I had to restock the cart a couple of times on that item. Though I did enjoy playing with them and making the invisible dogs chase guest around.
One day my coordinator saw me playing with the leash, chasing guest and she gave me an award for doing such a good job with being interactive with the guests.
On HOT days we sold spray bottles for like $20.00, filled with water and guests bought them out! One time I wanted to cool down a few guests so I sprayed up in the air and it fell on them as they left the Mansion area. One lady turned and started yelling at her hubby for she thought he was the one spraying her. I stopped, and tried not to laugh. It was so HOT out, I couldn't see why she was so upset with a few sprays. Everyone else was enjoying it! I sometimes found it fun to spray my lizard friends, they always seemed to enjoy some water on hot days as well.
My favorite shift though was morning, got there at 7am, stocked cart and then worked until 3:30pm. I loved getting out and then just walking around MK after. If it was a slow day I would go on a few rides and talk with guests. YES, even out of work, I enjoyed talking with guests and seeing how their day was going even when I wasn't working!! The reason I loved the job was that I enjoyed helping others, wanting them to have a fun filled day, even when I wasn't on the clock.
Anyways, looking through some pictures when I was working at Magic Kingdom and I found these. There are not many pictures of me working the cart or even working at all, for I didn't have a camera. these were given to me after by others I had worked with.
 Working at the Haunted Mansion cart in 2003
Someone sneaking up on me...
maybe it was the 1000th ghost? LOL

If you went to Disney World around Jan through May of 2003, and got
something from the cart, you might have bought that item from me:) hehe

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