Monday, January 2, 2012

Disney Planning...

Cinderella's Castle
So, someone ask me what my first steps to Disney planning...I say first I get "REALLY EXCITED". yep, I first, just get excited, maybe for a day or two. I think about what I want to do and see when I go down. Since I normally go down once a year, I plan out the Disney fun I enjoyed on my last visit and the new Disney fun I want to see on my new visit.
  1. Check out the site first. Great information on all the resorts, parks and everything Disney. This is my favorite site to visit for Disney news, what is going on at Disney, anything new and exciting happening and so on. 
  2. Think about the remembers of your party (group). Who are you going down with and what will they enjoy seeing and doing at Walt Disney World. When I travel, I go down with all sorts of different groups. Once I went with friends, once I have been with family, once I have brought down a child (age 7), once I have gone with just my hubby. So, who is going down with you? What will they enjoy seeing at Walt Disney World. Sometimes its hard to make everyone happy, but maybe everyone going down can check out the maps, pick four attractions they can't miss, and then when you get to those parks, go through the attractions that were picked by each member before hitting up other attractions.
  3. Start planning a budget. If you don't plan on how much you are going to spend, then you will spend lots of money and come home broke! I have to always plan of what I will spend, for I know I will want everything when I get to the parks. I remember working at Magic Kingdom and watching guest spend money like crazy, so happy and in the moment, that they just bought and sent everything back to the resorts. I am sure they were surprised when they went to the report and saw everything they bought that day! I am telling you that it's easy to spend money at Disney, so know what you will be spending before you go to WDW. 
more Disney Planning coming tomorrow....I think I want to go Walt Disney World right now that I am already checking prices and getting in the spirit of Disney Planning....join me:)

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