Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disney Blog Hop: Special Smiles with the Characters

One of my favorite time about visiting WDW is when my stepson got to see his favorite characters. We looked at the meet and greets and then tried to catch the characters we knew we didn't want to miss out on. He had to see the Power Rangers when we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. It was something he couldn't miss out on and I wanted him to have his magical moment. The car with the Power Rangers came out and he is in HEAVEN! BIG SMILES! He had already met some characters and was shy, but not this time. He talked to them and had fun taking the pics with all of them that day.

Now, he is a HUGE fan of the red ranger and was saving him for last when they had to all get back in the car and leave. The characters only stay out for about a half hour, for the need to rest for the hot Florida sun. He was a little sad, but we found out that they were going to come back out in an hour so we went on a ride and got back in time for him to get a picture and autograph. It was great to see him so happy and interactive with them. 
After meeting them, he started to open up and have more fun with the characters. I also love meeting Mulan and showed her the moves he learned from the power rangers. It was fun to see him being open and having a blast. I love when he smiles. Can't wait for when we all go down again together in 2013!

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  1. Great shots! A guy in my neighborhood runs a Karate school but is really known because he was the original blue (in costume) power ranger!

  2. I'm personally happy I missed the power ranger days.. but very cool that your son loved it! I paid close attention this most recent trip - almost exactly on the hour/half, the characters take their break. It worked in our favor during the 5k - we were waiting to meet Goofy and Pluto, but Mickey came out to relieve them!

  3. I have to share these pics with my youngest tomorrow. He's a huge Power Ranger fan these days. I love the color.


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