Friday, January 20, 2012

Magical Moment: Hanging with Nemo and having some giggles!!

 Magical Moment
by Michelle L. Owens

            It is probably a cliché for a Disney fanatic like me to say this, but I experience a new “Magical Moment” every time I am at a Disney park.  Whether it is meeting an especially cool Cast Member or getting chosen to dance with penguins down Main Street in a parade or having yet another perfect meal at my favorite restaurant or laughing way too much when a character interacts with my husband or…well, you get the idea!  I could list dozens of wonderful memories from Walt Disney World, but one that really stands out happened during my mom’s first trip there in November 2004.
            My husband and I had visited WDW twice before, but on this particular trip, my mom finally got to visit for the first time.  We were all pretty excited to do everything, but my mom and I particularly enjoyed getting our pictures taken with characters.  While in Epcot, we spent a lot of time in The Living Seas and, before moving on to even more adventures, we wanted to take one last picture with the Nemo character that was near the entrance to the pavilion.  While we had both noticed the Nemo “roll” into the area, apparently my mom had not seen the coral reef “character” accompany him, so I think she thought Nemo was just near a giant background prop of some sort.  So, we both posed with Nemo and, just as my husband was snapping our picture, the coral reef reached over and tickled her on top of the head!  As evidenced in the picture, she was very, very startled!  My husband started to bust up laughing and, since I was on the other side of Nemo and had no idea what had happened, I did not start laughing until I saw the picture on the camera.  My mom laughed, too, but not before taking a moment or two to catch her breath and look over at the “thing” that had made her jump!  In fact, I swear I heard some giggling from inside that coral reef, but I might have been imagining it!

            So not all “Magical Moments” are planned or even sought out…some just happen naturally when a little bit of sea life tickles your mom on the head during her first WDW adventure! 

So, if you had an amazing Magical Moment at Disney, or your child/children had a Great character
experience, or something wonderful happened at Disney with your WHOLE family and you would 
love to share this Magical Moment with others...Now you can:)
...and tell my wonderful readers about your magical moment at Disney!
Can be a few paragraphs, can share a photo of two of the moment.
And every Saturday and Sunday, I'll SPOTLIGHT Magical Moments on my DisneyBlueFairy Blog:)
Hope everyone has a Magical Day!

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  1. What a great story! I love your mom's face in this picture . . . priceless!


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