Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Aid and Baby Center's at Disney World

When most people travel to parks, they never really think about First Aid. You never know when you are going to get hurt or sick. I know that when I travel, I don't ever think that me, or anyone in my party will need to go to first aid, but it can happen.
My father had to go to First Aid once on our trip to Walt Disney World. First we couldn't find the First Aid and had to ask around until we came around to it. He and my mom went to First Aid and we meet them there after. My father said he had a great experience. They lady who helped him was very friendly, talked with him after and he was great. He had to sign a form for what they gave him, but that was about it. It's always good to know where the First Aid is when you travel to Disney World. I have gone on the Disney Site and found the locations in every park.
There is also a Baby Center at each park. This is a great place for mothers and babies to relax and be together. This is also a place where if a child is lost that they get taken to as well. I had a girl who was lost with me for awhile and I brought her to the Baby Center where she was reunited with her parents. If you are traveling a little one then you should know where each one is located in the parks. It's good for you to have a plan with your child, so if they get lost from you, they as well know where to go and who to talk with. I had the chat with my stepson when he was seven, that if you got lost from us to find an adult with a name tag, cast member and also showed him where the Baby Center/ Lost Children was in the park and ways to get to it. He carried a map with him. It made him feel better to have a plan, so he doesn't get so nerves, he knows what to do.

It's always good to know where both of these are located just in case you need them in a hurry! hope this helps anyone who is heading to Disney World soon!:)

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