Thursday, June 30, 2011

A farewell to a great person...A Disney Salute to you!

I loved running as a young teen. I decided as I got into tenth grade that I would join the Cross Country Running Team. Our Coach was an inspiration, he could run like no other. He was always keeping up with the teen boys that were half his age. He cared for his students and gave them courage to always do there best...not just in running but in life. He was a friend to everyone in the community he lived in and around the area. I remember telling him that one day I would run a Disney marathon.  Now I want to do it even more, not just look them up every year....can't live forever and got to do all the things you love while you are here. My coach was always out doing the things he loved, skiing, running, boating...being active..loving life!
I want to give a Disney Salute to this man who was an amazing role model to his teams, a super friend to many, awesome coach to the teens, terrific father to his sweet daughter, a great husband to his wonderful wife....
You were taken away to young, still at the prime of your life, 58 is not old anymore and you will be missed by so many. You will live on as an inspiration to many! A Disney salute to you Coach, Thanks for everything! May you rest in peace now!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Disney's Art of Animation Resort!!! SO EXCITED

I am so excited! I was almost jumping out of my seat when I heard about the new Disney's Art of Animation Resort opening in 2012!I love the Little Mermaid! Have been a big fan since I was nine years old. Ariel is my favorite princess and I have always wanted to be just like her. I am so excited that now I can go down to Disney World and stay at a resort that has a piece dedicated to her and her movie! 
When I saw this picture of Disney's Art of Animation Resort I was dreaming of being right there in front of Sebastian, taking a picture with my family! I can't wait to go down now and even though I might be staying in this Disney's resort on my next trip, I will be staying there very soon in the future!

Here is Ariel with my friends and I am sure what she is thinking right now is how she is looking forward to staying at a Disney Resort that is 1/4 dedicated to her and her movie Little Mermaid!  "You have come a long way Ariel but look at you now!"


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meeting that Special Character

Everyone has a special character that they can't wait to meet when they go to Disney. It doesn't matter what age you are...seeing that character just lights up the room and sparkles are in your eyes! I couldn't wait to meet mine and at twelve years old, my dream was going to come true...well at least I thought it was....

We got on an airplane in the year 1992 to head for Walt Disney World. I wanted to see Ariel so bad! I had her movie and watched so many times I knew all the songs by heart! I was excited, but sadly I got sick in Florida and never got to see her. I was bummed.

Now going forward eleven year later, I got to try again. I was working at Disney and it was my day off. I waited in 90 degrees weather just to say Hi to Ariel. I was so excited when after an hour of waiting it was my turn to see her. She waved me over and said Hi! I found it hard to talk all of a sudden, it was like I was a child. I was lost of words and my mind just kept saying over and over "HERE SHE IS! ARIEL IN PERSON!" I was smiling and sat near her. After getting a few pics with her I found the words to say Goodbye and told her how she was my favorite. I am sure she hears that a lot, but I just had to tell her. I still look at the picture of us in my Ariel Frame today and smile. Meeting that special character means a lot to us and its a moment we never forget!

And new Disney collections begin....

I enjoy all my trips to Disney. I enjoy them so much that I find myself starting new collections every time I return home. I remember back in 2003 when I picked up my first Disney pin. I was excited, it was the Slinky Dog in Toy Story. Now I have over 250 Disney Pins and I find myself picking up a bunch more every time I go down on a trip to Disney. Now I have gone a few times and started picking up the celebration pins and other pins that Disney hands out for free at the Resorts, Parks and everywhere on Disney Property! Here is a pic of some of the celebration pins and other pins we got down at Disney.
I have some others of these celebration pins, it seems that every time we go down there is something to celebrate! I have my birthday celebration pins too that are not pictured back in 2004 which I got two to wear on each side of me. I have noticed that we seem to get about two of each home. I hope to collect more of these other the next few years, like family reunion and anniversary! It's fun to try to collect them all! I am sure every Disney fan has their collection, let it be pins of some sort, pics of their favorite character, autographs of characters through the years,  Disney mugs, and so on...the list of collections are endless and it seems that every time I go down a new collection is made when I get back home! Wonder what it will be when I go down to Disney again...

Friday, June 24, 2011

How BIG can Disney go?

Disney is huge! I mean think about it...when you go on the site, you can get lost! There is Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, the Disney Cruises, Adventures by Disney and so on! The list keeps getting bigger!When checking out Disney site, I am thinking, "I want to go back to Disney World, but I haven't been to Disneyland in a long time, but a Disney Cruise sounds fun, but it would be nice to see Disney Paris once before I die!"
I have to say that I am so excited about how big Disney is getting...there is just more to love in my book! Even when at Disney World, everything around is BIG! My heart feels ten times as large when I am at Disney World. My emotions feel ten times stronger! I mean just put me near the 3 o'clock parade and I am a mess! I just get so overwhelmed! I remember a few years back trying to make a call out to my sister and the phone was to large!
Here is the Mickey phone I tried to use back in 2006! My parents are standing in front of it to show how large it is. (I have to say I am kidding right now! It's a statue...though I would love to have this at my house!)
I wonder how BIG Disney will be in the next fifty years! I mean, this all started with a Mouse and it's amazing on how far it got already! Go, Mickey, Go...make Disney Grow! I am sure tons of Disney fans out there are just waiting to see what next you have in store for us!:)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Stay: Disney's Polynesian Resort 2010

I have stayed at a few of the Disney Resorts but I just loved the feeling I got when I stayed at Polynesian Resort for our Honeymoon in 2010. The weather was beautiful all week long and the sun was out! I loved that everyone said, "Aloha!" every time they saw you! Here are some beautiful pictures we look on our stay!
This was the building we stayed at called Rapa Nui. We were on the second floor. We had some beautiful views up there!
This was one of the views of the gardens. We had many views from our balcony. I had loved staying out there while eating a snack or enjoying the warm weather!
Yes! I made friends all over the place at the Polynesian Resort! These were very friendly natives that live at the Polynesian. We are all waving HI to the camera!:)
We came back from Magic Kingdom to find this surprise in our room! I have to say that it was quite comical that it was all my husbands stuff that they made the towel tree out of!
After a long day of my feet at the parks, it was nice to come back to this!!! Plus I had the Grand Floridian as my back ground! It was beautiful! I really felt like I was in Hawaii and Disney all at the same time!
The Disney's Polynesian Resort was huge. They had the Great Ceremonial House where there was the gift shop, dining (Kona Cafe and Capt. Cook's) and the front desk. The Resort has two pools, one with watersides! It has beautiful beaches and a walking trail that can take you right to the monorail to get toe Epcot. To get to Magic Kingdom there is a monorail that you can get on at Great Ceremonial House. It is also where Lulu Cove is that has the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show! If you are thinking about staying here, you will be happy with this choice! I loved staying at this resort and hope to stay there again sometime in the future!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My love for Disney

I just can't get enough of Disney. I love everything about the place,the rides, the resorts,the music, the movies, and the Merchandise! I love to collect all things Disney! Wish I could live right in the heart of Magic Kingdom where I could open my door and Cinderella would be my neighbor waving at me from her castle! I am sure we have all dreamed that! It would be awesome to walk over to The Crystal Palace every morning to eat breakfast! Do shopping down Main Street USA everyday. OK OK...Time for me to stop dreaming at the moment. I am getting off task, but can you blame me! lol
Since I can't have Disney or Magic Kingdom outside my doorstep, I try to bring home as much of it as possible.
Here is my Disney Window. It is still in the works, but I think it's coming along nicely!
I have so many favorites at the window. Starting from the left is Minnie wearing the costume I had to wear when I worked on the cart at the Haunted Manison. Next is our wedding pic, our theme was Mickey and Minnie, so we are wearing the ears, then Mickey is holding a frame with my stepson Sam in it at our wedding. I love Ariel from Little Mermaid so I had to have her in the Jim Shore Collection. I also have Cinderella's Coach in his collection which is center. Then it's my family and me on Splash Mountain behind it. Of course I have to have Tinkerbell, I miss seeing her fly from the castle every night!  Then my favorite pic of Sam with Stitch! Last is Mickey, my stepson gave him to me when we first met for he knew how much I loved Disney.
That is so far my Disney window. I love to stand by it and look outside. Plus it gets me so excited about Disney.
Here is a close up of the Coach! I love this piece from Jim Shore collection. He does such great work. It also comes with the horse of the right side of it. On the left side is my Ariel statue! I might not be living at Disney World, but I love having the feeling of Disney right at home with me:)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Speading the Disney Magic

Let me tell you about a small girl that I met on one of my Disney Trips with my friends. I went to Disney for ten days back in 2004 with two of my Disney roommates. We were having a fun day at the Disney's Hollywood Studios! It was about half way through our day at the park when we ran into this wonderful little girl and her mom.
My friends and I were waiting in the line for the Voyage of The Little Mermaid when the lady in front of us asked us if we could watch her daughter while she went to buy a drink. We said we would be happy to watch her. We talked with the girl and told her how we used to all work for Disney. She was a wonderful eight year old girl. I wish I could remember her name. The little girl seemed sad though for being at Disney, so we tried to cheer her up in line. We then talked with her mom for while waiting to go see the attraction. By the time we got into The Little Mermaid, we had made plans to go to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. The Little girl was to afraid to go on, so one of my roommates stayed out with her while the rest of us went on. After we played in the store, we all put on wigs with the girl. She laughed, she loved the wigs. Then we all decided to meet up for Fantasmic! The little girl was so happy to see us again. She walked with us to get snacks, we decided to treat her to some popcorn and a drink. She was so happy to be around us. We talked with her and had fun during the show. I noticed that she smiling more. Sadly it was time to go, we bought her a surprise glow Tinkerbell. As the little girl was talking ahead with one of my roommates, her mom chatted with my other roommate and I. This is what she told us!
"Thanks so much for all you guys did for my daughter. I haven't seen her smile like this for awhile. I brought her down to Disney to help her with her dad's and my divorce. She has been taking it very hard. You guys really made her day a happier one and I can't thank you enough for all you did for her!"
I was shocked to hear this but now it made since why the girl was so sad when we first saw her. I am so glad we got to make her day a little more brighter. I always feel so good when I can spread the Disney Magic around with others!:)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

That special feeling at Disney!

There is a special feeling that a person gets when they get to Disney. This feeling is so wonderful and the amazing thing is that it really never goes away. Probably reading this will bring those feeling to you and you aren't even a Disney (well maybe you are)! I remember when that feeling got so strong one time that I started having tears form in my eyes because that wonderful feeling filled me up! I was working at Magic Kingdom and the three o'clock parade went past me. I was lucky to work in Liberty Square, for I saw the parade everyday I worked! I couldn't take my eyes off the parade until it went by and then it was tough to work for I was so filled with JOY! I remember the last day I worked in Liberty Square and the three o'clock parade went past me. I had that feeling of joyfulness and wonder, I had tears forming and I didn't want that moment to ever end!
I notice now that even watching a Disney commercial on TV came bring this feeling on! Waiting in line at the airport waiting to go on the Disney Express can bring this wonderful, joyful feeling that only really happens with Disney! The night before I know I am heading down to Disney can bring this feeling on....LOVE IT!
Even seeing Disney pics like these...

Just seeing these pics just bring so much joyfulness and magic to me! All I do is smile! I took all three of these pics, the first is of Cinderella's Castle, the next two is of the Parade which always happens at three o'clock! Go to love that Disney feeling. Hope you enjoy my post and my Disney pics...and it bring on that special Disney feeling!:)

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Disney Dream Come True

As a child, I told my parents I was going to work for Disney. When I was a teenager, I wrote in my yearbook that I was going to work for Disney in Graphic Design. As a young adult, I went to work for Disney and got to paint on their ornaments. But then they gave me an opportunity to do some sketching! I remember that one my coordinator at Liberty Square asked what I was majoring in at college. I told her that it was graphic design. She then asked if I would like to work with one of the sketch artist on Main Street! I was so excited and nervous. I draw at Disney, work with a sketch artist, this was amazing! She told me that she would set it up and get back to me on when I would be able to go down there and work with him.
After a few weeks, I got my chance to go see the sketch artist, he was so nice. He showed me how they draw the characters that the guest picked out. I got to go up front at one point and draw a picture myself. I picked Lady to draw. Then I walked around and asked guests when they thought of my drawing. I also got to go back to the sketch room and see what he did there with his drawings. I loved it! I was so happy. I got to sketch for a day with a sketch artist and work for Disney at the same time. It was the best internship I have ever done! He then let me keep my drawing!
This would be the picture of Lady that I did during my internship with Disney in 2003! I framed it the moment I got home! I love that I sketched it myself, right at Disney, right on Main Street! A Disney Dream Come True for me!:) Hope you enjoy my share!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Enjoying Chef Mickey's

Those that would like to know what it would be like to eat at Chef Mickeys at Disney Contemporary Resort with Mickey and Friends, here is a video that my husband made of our experience eating there! We got to have breakfast/Lunch with Goofy, Donald, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto! In the video is Sam mostly with each character. There is also times you will see my husband, me, my mom, my dad, my sister and her boyfriend. It was a great time and they did a dance number at the end which is not on the video. I hope to do the Character Dining Experience again! I love what my husband did at the end of the video with our pic and the Character's pic! It was cool!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting over a fear at Disney

O.K. So everyone has a fear. Some people are afraid of bugs, some don't like water, some don't like closed spaces, others fear lighting and so on. I am a person that fears the Haunted Mansion. That is right, you heard it hear. I am scared of the Haunted Mansion. Let me tell you how it all started and how I tried so hard to get over this fear!!
The first time I went to Disney was back in 1992. I was twelve years old, already scared of ghosts and the dark. I was excited about going to Disney World, but not so excited when asked to go on the Haunted Mansion! I mean, ghosts flying around, and then trying to get a ride home with you?? NOT FROM ME, THESE GHOSTS ARE NOT COMING HOME!! I was scared out of my mind! Plus, my family though it was great to go to the Mansion when it was dark which just made it worse! I had to stay outside with my dad and just looked at it! There was no way I was going in! I remember not even wanting to go close to the mansion just in case a ghost would grab me and pull me in! Yes, I had a wild imagination!
Now lets go forward eleven years to 2003! This was the year I went to work for Disney. Can you believe that of all the places to work at Disney, I get Magic Kingdom in Liberty Square working at the Haunted Mansion cart! Yep, that was where I was placed the most! Lucky me! I loved chasing guests around with the ghost dogs on the leashes we sold though! LOL Yet, when people came out of the ride, I felt a chill down my back. I was scared. I didn't want to be scared of this ride, many guests came out telling me how much they loved the ride! I wanted to enjoy it too!!!
This is what I did to come over my fear and enjoy the Haunted Mansion ride once and for all!!! On my last day of work at Liberty Square, I decided to ride the Haunted Mansion ride alone! I was nervous and scared but ready to face my fear! I remember being fine until I got in the Doom Buggie and noticed that I was so fast getting to the ride that no one was in any doom buggies near me!! I was really alone on this ride! The next person was like five bugs back and no one was in front of me at all!! Yikes! The ride stopped half way through saying that ghosts were running around up ahead and we had to wait!! I was so nervous and scared!! I was like of all things to happen on this ride, I would get stuck on it alone and in the darkest spot! Right near the spiders!!! I have to say that I did make it out a live..I am not the 1000th ghost, well at least not yet!
I have to say that since then, I have gone the ride countless times now! But this ride will always send chills down my spine!! Every time!:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Animal Kingdom at it's Best!

This is a video that my husband made of our trip to Disney World in Feb 2009. It is of Animal Kingdom. It has many animals and some of the attractions we saw that day. I love the song he used for the video, it really fits Animal Kingdom well. I just had to share this video with everyone! Enjoy :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Magical Moment

When I was down working at Disney, I worked in Liberty Square. I worked in the gift shops. One gift shop I worked in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. I was stocking the shelves and near the register. It was a quiet morning.  Few guests have popped in and out of the shop. Then I was asked if I would do a magical moment with a guest. This is fun because you get to find someone and have them decorate the Christmas tree we had in the shop and then they would get an ornament. I loved painting on the ornaments and was looking forward to give one to a lucky guest! I walked around the shop for a few minutes and saw a small boy talking with his mom in one of the corners of the store. He was looking a little sad, not as happy as a child could be, so I went up and said, "Hi there little one! How would you like to do a magical moment with me. I need someone special to decorate our Christmas Tree today. Would you like to do it?"
He smiled and almost started to glow. He got excited as I walked him and his mom over to the tree. He started to put up a small Mickey ornament, then a Minnie, then Goofy and so on still he had the tree full of Disney Characters. He was very proud of his work. Then I gave him the ornament that I had painted the day before that read "Magical Moment 2003". His mom loved the ornament and thank me for making her child's day. I was glad I had made his day magical as well. I will never forget that smile on his face when he decorated the tree. He was one happy child when he left the shop that day!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

One very special Disney Birthday

Today is my Birthday. I had to work which was fine. People wished me a happy one. It was a nice day, but every time my Birthday goes by I think of Disney. One of my Birthdays was celebrated down at Disney World. I went down with two great friends and spent ten days running around the most magical place on earth!
For my Birthday that vacation I wanted to go to a Princess Breakfast and then spend the rest of the day at Magic Kingdom. I remember going to the front desk at Disney Music Resort and asked for a reservation for a Princess Breakfast. We were in luck! We got the last breakfast table at Disney Princess Storybook Dining at the Norway Pavilion in Epcot for two but since we were three, they said they would bring an extra chair. I was so excited. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!
The day of my Birthday was a little crazy; we were almost late getting to the place which made me nervous. We got there with a minute to spare! I got to take my picture with Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Snow White and Jasmine! I was wearing my pink flower band that my friend had bought me! I felt like a princess and plus I loved the Breakfast!
Then we all hopped over to Magic Kingdom, where my friends went into Town Hall to get me TWO Birthday pins to wear! One for each side of my shoulders so on one could miss that it was my Birthday! Every cast member wished me a Happy Birthday! On Space Mountain, my friend told the cast member that it was my favorite ride so he gave us free passes to go on three more time without having to wait in line! That was awesome! One cast member told me I could have any pin off their lanyard for free! I picked a Mickey one! I loved it! I had a blast that day! Every thing was extra magical in every way! Nothing was going to bring it down, I felt like I was walking on clouds! My dream was coming true, spending the day with my friends at the most magical place in earth! Plus I got to eat with FIVE Princesses too!
I recommend spending the day at Magic Kingdom or any of your favorite Disney parks on your Birthday! Do things you have always wanted to do down there and make your day extra special! But then again…every other Birthday will have a hard time comparing to it! NOTHING BEATS DISNEY MAGIC!
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