Monday, May 23, 2011

sharing the magic

I work at a elementary school with many students of all ages. One day I had a little girl, about seven, who was having a tough day. She seemed to be getting into a lot of trouble with her teacher and any other adult she came in contact with. She ended up in my care after school while waiting for her mom. She was crying and complaining. I talked with her for a bit to calm her down. She then asked me about my lanyard I was wearing around my neck. the lanyard had Tinkerbell on it. I told her I had got it at Disney World. Her face lit up. She told me how she had always wanted to go but her mom could not afford it and she didn't see her dad so he couldn't take her. My heart felt for her. Sometimes I wish I could take all the children that I worked with to Disney. Every child should have their moment with their favorite character and see Mickey Mouse.
After we talked about Disney for awhile, her mom came to pick her up. The little girl left happy and talking about Disney with her mom, who seemed to busy on the phone to hear anything her daughter was saying. The next day I brought her in a little gift. She was excited to open it. I told her it was from Walt Disney World. She ripped opened the gift to find Tinkerbell items! She was thrilled! She loved Tinkerbell. She thanked me with a hug and told me that she hoped to someday meet Tinkerbell. I hope she gets to meet Tinkerbell someday too!

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