Saturday, May 21, 2011

A magical moment outside of Disney...with a Disney touch!

This story is very special to me. It was a magical moment, not at Disney, but helped me create magical moments for Disney later on. The person I am going to write about passed away a few years ago but was very dear to my heart. His name was Stoney and he was the owner of Storyland in Glen NH. This park is a magical place all its own and I had worked there when I was younger for 13 years. He loved the way Disney ran their parks as well and he would run his park like Disney ran theirs. When I was 17 years old is when I had gain more respect for this man then ever before! Here is my story...
I was running Doctor Geyser Remarkable Raft Ride that day when this magical moment happened. We started the ride as we normally do, the water from the middle of the ride drains to fill the path with the tubes. This day some baby ducks got stuck in the middle. They were crying for their mom. Their mother was in the pond near by and she was crying to them. She would fly over and then fly back trying to get her babies to follower her. Sadly her babies couldn't fly. I really wanted to stop the ride and get them out, but we had people on it already. I saw a maintenance person and asked if we could shut the ride down but he said we couldn't. I then saw a coordinator and asked them if we could get the babies out but this person also let me down. I was heart broken for these little creatures. I couldn't see them get sucked up in the pumps that where near by. Every once in a while you would see one go in and come back out still o.k. Their mom just kept crying for them! I then started to shed some tears. I then hoped for a magical moment, that someone who would have the power to shut down the ride and get those babies out. Then a shadow came up from behind me. Stoney was standing by the gate and he asked, "Why are you crying?" I told him about the ducks and how no one would help them. He said, "Don't worry any longer." He left, he then talked to the front loader and stopped the people from getting on the ride. When no one was left on, he closed the ride and jumped down into the ride himself. He was knee high in water, and tried to gather the babies up. Then another person joined him and then another. The people who wouldn't stop the ride for me where now in the ride chasing these birds around. After about 20 minutes, these baby ducks were back with their mother and we started the ride back up. When Stoney came back over to me I said, "Thanks so much. I just couldn't watch them cry anymore. Their mother must be so happy." He then said something that I'll never forget, " All families no matter what they are should get to enjoy their day at the park together." It touched me! It was a magical moment. I brought that feeling and memory to Disney when I worked there. Every family no matter who they are should get to be able to enjoy all their moments together! I'll never forget you Stoney and all you taught me over the years! You are forever missed by many!

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  1. Beautiful magical moment! Sniff sniff, holding back tears. What a wonderful memory you have. Thanks for sharing:)


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