Friday, May 6, 2011

Getting into a Disney Parade!

I never knew you could get into a Disney Parade. I know sometimes I saw normal people waving to the crowds onto of a float but never knew how they got into the parade. I just assumed they were specially picked or won it somehow. Then one trip down to Disney I found out how easy it was to get into a Parade at Disney.
My friends and I were walking into Animal Kingdom, taking pictures of the animals, and seeing the sites when we were approached in the bridge by a cast member. She asked "How would you three girls like to be in the Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade?" I was excited and before anyone could say anything I shouted out, "YES! YES! I want to be in it!" I was not sure how my friends were taking the excitement but I was ready for some parade action! "Good," the cast member stated, "Be at the back of the park by the Safari ride at one o'clock!"
I was so excited and when one o'clock came around, we ran over to Safari ride. We were put on a float with Mickey ears safari hat and a colorful Disney vest. One of the cast member took your picture with a disposable camera and then gave it to us. In about few minutes the parade was going to start and  we were ready! the music started, the doors opened and our smiles were bigger then ever!
I started waving to the crowds, singing a long to the song that was playing throughout the parade! I loved every minute! All three of us felt like stars! Time just flew...never noticed that it was about a 45 minute parade! When it was over, I didn't want to get off...I wanted to do it all over again!! :)


  1. I want to see if commenting works:) The Parade is awesome! I hope to someday be in it again!

  2. It has been my dream since I was 5 to be in a Disney parade. I really hope I get picked one day.

    Lady Hill

  3. Did they give you something to show them when you went back?


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