Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Moment in Time

Everyone has a moment in time where the world stands still, you know that this moment will probably happen once in a lifetime. I had my moment, a quiet, peaceful, beautiful moment where the my world stood still....
I was working late at Magic Kingdom one night, I was crossing over the by the castle. It was dark and all the guests had left the park. As I was walking by the castle, I stopped. I gazed up at the castle which was flashing in blues, pinks and whites. It was beautiful. I just stopped and sat. A few cast members walked by, but then I noticed that I was completely alone. Just me and the castle. No one in front of me. It felt as if I was in another world. I turned and looked down Main Street USA and noticed now beautiful it was. It was lit up in lights and so quiet. It was a moment in time that I knew I was probably never going to get again. Just me and my castle. Plus it was on the week that I knew I was leaving for home. I sat for awhile...not wanting to leave. Not even a picture could do the castle justice that night. It was amazingly beautiful!  And for a moment in time..I didn't have to share it!

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