Sunday, May 15, 2011

Guests make thier own Magical Moments

Disney World is own for their magical Moments. They happen everyday and all over the parks. My favorite magical moments are made my the guests. Working at Magic Kingdom I have met many guests and some shared stories of magical moments they made wile being done at Disney. Here are few wonderful stories of magical moments that I got to be apart of and shared with me.
One day while working in Liberty Square, a family came up to me and asked where they could get a drink. I noticed the wife was pregnant so I asked when she was due. She told me she was due in the next month...can't remember the date. I then asked if they knew what they were having and she said to me, "We just found out we are having a girl. Our daughter who is four got to open a box under that tree over there." She pointed a large tree by the bridge near the Liberty Square and the castle. Then she said, " We gave our doctor two bunnies. A pink one and a blue one. He put one in a box for our daughter to open down here to see what our family was going to have!" I loved the magical moment they had together as a family right at Magic Kingdom!
The second magical moment I got to help with. Two ladies came into the shop to order a beautiful ornament with words that read "Engaged". I also put the date and people's name. I looked at the ladies and said, "This date is today! so did this moment happen already?" And they said, "No, It's going to happen in a few moments at the castle but we know she is going to say yes." I smiled and made the ornament as beautiful as I could for the couple that was going to get engaged in a few moments. Happy I could make something beautiful for them to put on their tree very soon!
Magical moments happen as over...these two have always stayed with me through the years. I love how guests come down and made moments all over the parks which is why I enjoyed working so much down at WDW!

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  1. How special- and yet at WDW, how everyday. Thanks for continuing to share your magical moments... :D


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