Monday, May 9, 2011

A Great stop at Downtown Disney

I love to adventure around Downtown Disney. Every time I walk around, there is always so much to look at and I find that my wallet gets empty fast! When it comes to a meal, sometimes I don't like to spend as much., but I still want an amazing meal. This is when I head over to Earl of Sandwich! They have great sandwiches and they aren't that expensive! Plus they have terrific service. When I first stepped into the place, I was bummed out by the line that made an S. It looked long and I was hungry. At Earl of Sandwich they have a person who stands at the end and hands out menus and helps you find what you are looking for, so when you get to the cashier you know what you want. Then you can pick out other items along the way while they your sandwich. Salads, pasta, desserts, drinks of all types! I remember when I was waiting in line, I man came over to the counter and told the cashier that it was the best sandwich he ever had! So I couldn't wait to have mine!  I loved it! It was warm still, for they toasted it. The sauce they put in the sandwich is great! It was delicious! I love to go to Earl of Sandwich, great food and doesn't burn a hole in my pocket!:)

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