Friday, May 13, 2011

The Race to the Start of the Line!

Being a cast member at Disney was very exciting and fun. You got to see a different side of how things went on at each park. But my favorite part of working at Disney was watching the START of the day! Now where I worked near haunted mansion, I couldn't see the castle but I could hear the morning music. This is when the action started and we would hold our breaths. It was like hearing a stampede of wild animals and we all knew where most of the guests were headed. But watching them race each other to splash mountain was fun! Some had their children up on two wheels as they raced around corners just to cut off another guest to get to Splash Mountain first. We would call out, "Come to Haunted Mansion for there is no line here and no one to push you out of the way!" I mean it looked like life or death and I kept thinking "Isn't this the place where fantasy lives and everyone enjoys themselves. Take a load off and relax!" NOPE! I guess not! After a few minutes things always got more settled and guests would start enjoy the sites. They would start walking and relaxing! But, WOW, that race to the start of the line at Splash Mountain at the beginning of the day was crazy! lol

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