Friday, December 9, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: Disney Babies Jenn's little one Noah meeting Magician Mickey and Minnie

A trip to Walt Disney World is filled with magical moments.  Narrowing it down to one is always incredibly challenging for me, but when Disney Blue Fairy asked, I thought really hard about one specific memory.  Even after years and years of visiting the parks, my favorite memories all now revolve around my son’s reactions. 
At 2 years old, he’s been on three 4-day park hopping trips with a 5 day right around the corner.  Each trip has been so different - at 6 months, he was in awe of everything.  He enjoyed himself, though mostly he just tried to take everything in.  At 13 months, showed more interest and enjoyment, though was still in awe whenever he saw a favorite character.  At 18 months, he finally took pleasure in things.  He discovered a favorite ride (Living Seas with Nemo and friends, danced with characters at a breakfast (Hollywood ‘n Vine Play and Dine
But, our most magical experience?  In June, we headed into the Magic Kingdom for a few minutes at the end of one night to notice that the line to meet Mickey Mouse was only a few minutes long.  Noah had been chewing on his shoes, so I took off his shoes and took a barefoot Mickey inside Town Hall to meet Magician Mickey and Minnie. 
We waited in line, keeping Noah busy by playing with one of those ridiculously overpriced Mickey Mouse balloons and when we finally got backstage (in the same room as the characters, but a separate line), Noah’s eyes lit up and he had a hard time waiting his turn.  Only a few minutes later, we put him down, not thinking, and he ran to meet Mickey.  Unfortunately, a cast member said “no shoes, he can’t be on the floor” so we had to pick him up and he sort was so distracted, he lost his extreme excitement.  We met the characters and they were wonderful with him – he even sat on Mickey’s lap!
(I can’t access my photo pass pics! Sad!)
Though he wasn’t very interactive and we weren’t sure if he enjoyed meeting them, as we exited and enter the store, he found the piles and piles of Mickey Mouse dolls and found one he hadn’t previously owned – the Sorcerer Mickey.  Very similar to the Magician Mickey he had just met inside, he picked up this Mickey Mouse and wouldn’t let go.  He held on to that Mickey and loved it and hugged it – keeping his memory of the character he just met alive for the rest of the evening and trip.
Photos taken while watching the Main Street Electrical Parade.

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