Friday, December 16, 2011

My 10 Most favorite Disney items #3 and #2

#3 This was a gift that I received when I joined the D23 Club. You get a Magazine and a gift. This was the first gift I got when I joined. I love this poster and hung it in my living room. It was Mickey painting a SMILE on the World:) I have also got a Christmas Card from them that was a print of the one Walt Disney gave out for Christmas. So, if you join the D23 club you will get some really cool items along with some great magazines. I have enjoyed reading them over the years now. It's $75 to join for the whole year and you also get to purchase items online at the Disney Store (in the D23 section) when a member. :) All Smile here!

#2 Received as a gift for the family one Christmas, this waffle maker makes MICKEYS! Yummy! I love getting the Mickey waffles at Disney World when I stay at the resorts, but when I can't be there, it's nice to have a mickey waffle at home. It's the Best breakfast for Saturday mornings! This Mickey waffle maker is around $50.00 online. They also have others as well if you check out the Disney Store Website!:)
 Soon will be #1:) Happy Holidays!


  1. Hooraaaaay! I am so ordering a Mickey Waffle Iron today! At one point I was all fired up about that idea, but couldn't find any online for some reason? But your article reminded me, and I searched again and found one - THANKS! It'sa a little "From me, To me" present. :)

    I'm getting kindof jealous of all the neat Disney things you have in your house - ha! No, I love your sharing - keep it up.

    And I'd love to do a 'Magical Moment' sometime, thank you so much.

  2. Awesome:) When you can send one my way, i would love to get one from you:) Happy Holidays and enjoy that Mickey waffle maker!


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