Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My 10 Most Favorite Disney Items #10 and #9

 This Holiday Season,
I wanted to share my 10 most
favorite Disney items.
 Starting with #10 and #9

#10 This is my favorite Minnie Mouse. She is wearing the outfit from the Haunted Mansion. When I was working at Magic Kingdom, I ran the Cart outside the mansion at Walt Disney World. Before I left, I bought this Minnie to remind me of my time at the cart back in 2003.

#9 Also when I was working at Disney, I picked up my first Christmas ornament for a Tree. I loved this Ariel ornament. She is in her wedding dress. This is still one of my favorite ornaments on  Christmas Tree and sits close to the top at the front so I can always see it during the Holiday season.

Come Back soon for #8 and #7 :) Happy Holidays!

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