Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My 10 Most Favorite Disney Items #4 (remembering Walt Disney)

#4 This magnet was given to me when I started working at Walt Disney World at Magic Kingdom. It now has a permanent place on the fridge. Sorry, you can't buy this, you have to work at WDW in order to have one. Of course this was back in 2003, so I wonder if the magnet is still given out today to cast members. 

It has always reminded me, who I was working for and why...Making Dreams come true for Guests who walked through the gates at WDW. Working at MK made me feel very close to Walt Disney, though he had passed away years before I was born. I sometimes wonder what his reaction would be on Disney today, the Parks, the Movies, the Merchandise, the Cruises and other wonders of Disney.  But everywhere I go in the parks, his presence is there. He started something amazing and now is shared by all.

This Magnet reads:

"The Magic Kingdom shall be a place where once upon a time is now and the wondrous characters and places of make believe are brought to life. Timeless tales and bold adventures are experienced anew each day, and the vivid dreams of childhood always end well. Here, the spirit of Walt Disney will live on - delighting generation after generation with stories, myths, and legends shared by all.

To a Great man whom I feel passed away before his time, at the age of 65...Walt Disney. 
Born Dec. 5 1901 - Passed Dec. 15th 1966

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  1. Thanks for sharing this unique glimpse into something many of us will never have the chance to see! Cool post.

    It's 'the Colorado Mountain Mom' just dropping in ... liked you on Facebook, too. :) Keep these awesome insider tidbits coming, please!



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