Thursday, December 1, 2011

Princess Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

It's that time of year!! 
December 1st and its time to get ready for Christmas...
so what better way to start this month off,
but with a Princess Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!

To enter all you have to do is put in separate entries with your name in the comment section below. They each need to be separate for each will count as one entry:
EXAMPLE: Hi I am Ariel Snow and I follow you on Twitter
EXAMPLE: I am Ariel Snow and I have liked your Disney Fan Page

These are what you can entry with: let me know how you are following my blog:

  1. Follow my DisneyBlueFairy blog
  2. Friend me on Facebook under Ariel Snow
  3. Friend me on Twitter @DisneyBlueFairy
  4. "like" my Disney Fan Page on Facebook
  5.  Tell me who is your favorite Disney Princess (this one is a MUST)
You can enter one or all five, it's all up to you! But you have to enter who you favorite Princess is, for the winner will also have their favorite princess post on my blog next week when the winner is picked.

Here are the fun giveaway princess stuffers!

Three Princess chap-sticks (Ariel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty) , A Princess Disney Poster, Ariel pin and Ariel bookmark, plus Daisy and Minnie stickers (for they are Princesses to me and I am sure Mickey and Donald would agree!)

Good Luck...Winner will be picked next Thursday! 
Happy Holidays:)
Any questions on this giveaway..let me know!:)


  1. I follow you on twitter! @Disneybabiesblg

  2. i'm following your fb page - I'm not sure as my real name or DBB name!

  3. My favorite princess switches a lot.. But I think it may be Sleeping Beauty!

  4. I follow you via Twitter (@JGValdeezy)! My favorite Disney Princess would have to be Ariel. She knew there was more beyond her own world and went after it! (Even if it was slightly rebellious haha) Or Cinderella. She wasn't afraid to dream and dream big!

  5. I follow you on twitter! My name on there is @fierypixiedust. My favorite princess has to be Belle. Nothing is better than a smart gal who knows her mind!

  6. My name is Princess Lynn Brooks. I follow your blog

    lynngpitt at yahoo dot com

  7. I follow you on Twitter as @DisneyWishesMom

  8. My favorite Disney Princess is Ariel

  9. My favorite Disney Princess is Ariel and I just started following you on twitter @loveWDW5 :)


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