Monday, December 12, 2011

My 10 Most Favorite Disney Items... #6 and #5

#6 I just love this picture of Mickey painting himself and him being Walt Disney. I know this was a play on Norman Rockwell which was so creatively done. I found this picture at Downtown Disney and feel in love with it. It cost about 25.00 and now sits near my computer. There are others at The Art of Disney at Downtown Disney to pick from.

#5 This Tinker Bell lamp sits by my bed, given to me by my wonderful sister one Christmas. She said she spent $50.00 on this great lamp. I really love using it at night to read my books. She said she got it at a Disney Store, though I don't think they sell this lamp anymore, though you could check on Ebay.

Come back soon for #4 and #3. Happy Holidays:)

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