Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Disney Magic at a Grandparents house

Giving my pepere his Mickey and Minnie gift
My Pepere (Grandfather) has been collecting Mickey and the gang since I was a kid. He started to have such a large collection that shelving was built downstairs to hold all of my wonderful Disney collection. Christmas and Birthdays was when he got tons of Disney items to add to his collection. When I went down to work at Disney back in 2003, I had bought him a Mickey and Minnie for his collection. I wanted to help him add to his Disney collection like everyone else in the family.
I find myself every year going downstairs into the basement where this Disney Collection is kept. I found some pictures of his collection back in 2003. He had even made it in our newspaper for his collection at the time was over 500 pieces..I wonder what number he is up to now. It seemed twice are large when I went down into the basement this last Christmas. But every time I go down those stairs, I get so excited inside. It's like going to Disney without having to leave. Here is his collection back in 2003....

These are two wall back in 2003, there are more shelves now and there is also another full wall of Disney stuff. I hope to one day have a large room like this dedicated for my love for Disney. Have a Magical Day:)

Do you have a room dedicated to Disney in your house?

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