Thursday, May 24, 2012

Disney Destination - Top Number One Favorite Park

As a child, I would have said Disney's Hollywood Studios, but now as an adult and haven worked at Walt Disney World, I would have to say that Magic Kingdom is my top favorite park. This was the park that I was asked to work at when I was in the college program and I was so excited to be placed there.
I got to work in Liberty Square, in the gift shops and also the Haunted Mansion Cart.  While working, I started to enjoy everything that Magic Kingdom had to offer and explored that park the most. I would hang out after work...
Here are some wonderful reasons I love Magic Kingdom:

Magic Kingdom's Icon : Cinderella's Castle
  • Reason One: MK has all three amazing Mountains...Splash, Thunder and Space!
  • Reason Two: WISHES! I love the fireworks
  • Reason Three: Walking down Main Street USA and seeing the castle
  • Reason Four: Main Street Electrical parade after dark!
  • Reason Five: Infamous Dole Whip which is a soft-serve ice cream with a tropical twist..and so yummy!
  • Reason Six: Not being afraid of the Haunted Mansion anymore and enjoying it now!
  • Reason Seven: The memories that have been made at this park over the years
  • Reason Eight: Has all my Favorite Lands! Adventure, Fantasy, Tomorrow, Frontier
  • Reason Nine: Seeing Mickey Mouse and the gang at the beginning of the day when the park opens!
  • Reason Ten: getting to see the look on my stepson's face when he walked into MK for the first time

Ten Reasons for One Great Park that I will always treasure with all my heart. It's like my second home and where I feel, helped me grow to the person I am today.
Will always love Magic Kingdom! Have a Magical Day:)

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  1. Great reasons! MK is my favorite to and we share some of the reasons. Awesome photo of the castle to boot!



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