Sunday, April 22, 2012

A view of the Polynesian Resort Room

I have enjoyed many rooms at the Walt Disney World Resort, but this place was special for it's where we stayed at for our Honeymoon two years ago. Our anniversary for our wedding is this Tuesday so I wanted to make a few posts on what we enjoyed while staying at WDW.

First Polynesian Resort: This was the resort we decided to stay at when Honeymooning at WDW. I wanted a getaway resort that was tropical and more on the grownup side. This resort was romantic and had such beautiful landscape. But First I want to talk about the room. HUGE and very roomy. We enjoyed staying in a building that was not far from a pool and close to the monorail. The view from our room was beautiful as well. I really felt like I was getting the best of both worlds : Disney and Paradise! 

Here are some pictures of the room we stayed in:

 This was the room stayed in at the Polynesian Resort. 

There were towels making a shape of Mickey on our bed. 
 This was the where we had a fridge underneath, ice bucket and
two closets on each side. I loved all the pictures in the room.

The room also had a desk, draws under the TV and a couch. 
There are also another soft chair to sit on near the beds.
 The Bathroom was large. It had two sinks, and I just loved the
mirrors. Wish I could have one of these at home.

 This was the building we stayed at called Rapa Nui.
The building was wonderful and in a nice setting. Great view of the trees and sky at night.

Thanks for stopping by...
If you ever stay at the Polynesian Resort, 
Tell everyone I say "Aloha"

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I've never stayed at the Polynesian, but I hope to in the near future :)


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