Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finding Old Pics with Mickey and the Gang (meeting Characters)

Me and my Sister Meeting Tigger!
Back in 1993 I went to Walt Disney World with my family. We got to see many Disney characters, I think I have about 60 or so autographs of the characters when I went during that vacation. We had gone during February break and while we were at Epcot, a huge car can driving through and stopped. Many Disney characters came off and dressed in costumes.  I am not sure why? I don't remember, it could be for Mardi Gras or something, but it was so cool. We had to run around trying to get all their autographs. Here are a few pictures of the event.

This was the car that pulled up with about ten or so characters, Here you can see Roger Rabbit dancing and Goofy up above watching him!
Here is when Mickey and Minnie came out to greet everyone!

I love it when you can meet many Disney Characters all at once at Walt Disney World. Though most of the time they will arrive and stay for only a half hour or so. This is when you have to plan on which characters you will be MEETING first and get autographs from before they leave. Plan on meeting three, so if you get to meet four, then it's like a treat!

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