Friday, December 30, 2011

Polynesian Resort Flowers

The walking path at Polynesian :)
I am right now living up in New England where it's a nice 20 degrees during the day and about 5 degrees at night. So, I started looking at pictures of my trip to Walt Disney World when I was on my honeymoon. I started at the Polynesian Resort and right now, I wish I was standing next to these beautiful flowers that you can find all around the resort. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them and when I was shopping for flowers this summer, I found them up here. The lady told me that they are imported, topical flowers that if you have them in New England, have to bring them inside during the winter months. It can not go below 40 degrees or they won't make it. These are Hibiscus Flower and they are so beautiful. Here are a few pictures I took of them when I was down at Disney World:)

 Staying at Polynesian Resort? Enjoy the Flowers!:)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Happy New Year

Ready to celebrate 2012?
Well,  Debs Dis @ Focused on the Magic  theme this week is Happy New Year 
and what would use as a Calender Cover.... 
But I also have to many great Disney pictures to pick from, so...
I am also picking a January for a Disney calender. 
This would be the Picture:
Fireworks (Wishes) at Magic Kingdom over Cinderella's castle
Great way to start the NEW year:)

Focused on the Magic

Hope Everyone has a wonderful and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Animal Kingdom Lodge

I love Walt Disney World and when I was a cast member I got a few great deals on resorts, so I thought I would stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The moment I walked into the front, I feel in love with the place. I loved the hand carved furniture and the beams around where so beautiful. I felt like I walked into a resort in Africa and I didn't want to leave! There is a pool out back with water slide and the cool part is that it's very close to the animals grazing in the field. I saw so many animals that are around the Animal Kingdom Lodge, I went to the Disney site and got the list of names of all of them: Ankole Cattle, Bontebok, Eland, Zebra, Greater Kudu, Impala, Okapi, Red River Hog, Nyala, Reticulated Giraffe, Roan Antelope, Sable Antelope, Thompson's Gazelle, Waterbuck, White-Bearded Wildebeest, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Blue Crane, East African Crowned Crane, Greater Flamingo, Marabou Stork, Ostrich, Pink-Backed Pelican, Spur Winged Geese, Guinea Fowl and Ruppel's Griffon Vulture!  So, if you are a huge wild animal fan, this is the resort fro you to stay at, promise! You will not be disappointed at all!
Here is a picture of what I saw out my window one day when staying at the resort:
I made this picture extra large so you can see the giraffe following the truck outside our window. They had to cut down a tree and when they were hauling it away, the giraffe followed them trying to eat the leaves off tree. The truck had to keep stopping and giraffe would start pulling on the tree trying to eat the leaves. I guess he didn't want any leaves going to waste! You never know what you will see out your window or when you sit on your balcony.
At this resort, there are some great dining, if you want fast dining there is The Mara. There you can get soups, sandwiches, salads, pizza and burgers. Everything is under $14. Plus it's very close to pool.
Want to have a fun experience, eat at Boma! I loved eating there and would love to eat there again! It is a buffet-style restaurant and you can eat as much as you like. There is so much to pick from and everything was so delicious! This is cost around $25 to $35 per person but worth it!
The rooms have everything as well. I loved how large the bathroom was and so much room to move around. the bed was comfortable and loved being on the balcony, watching the animals.  The room has Cable TV with Disney Programming, Safe, Coffee Maker, Refrigerator, Hairdryer, and Iron and Iron Board. If you get a suite, you can get more with your room.
Animal Kingdom Lodge Room
If you are looking for an adventure and want a place where you can see animals anytime you want, then this is the resort for you and your family! Plus if you are a family that like to take a day to hang out and enjoy the resort, then there is a lot to do here and feel the magic of Disney. Enjoy your stay!

Monday, December 19, 2011

My 10 Most favorite Disney items #1

Out of all my Disney items that I have collected so far, I would have to say that my Disney Book that I had got for Christmas from my parents is still my most favorite. Back in 2005 I wanted the The Art of Walt Disney From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom Revised and Expanded Edition which was $60.00. I am sure that they have revised and expanded this book even more now. Great book to own if you are a huge Disney fan, tells you everything about Disney! Everything up to when you buy the book, for there is always more added every year to Disney. The book as published in 2004, which is the one I still have. The pictures are wonderful in this book and I have enjoyed reading it over the years. There are 496 pages of reading with beautiful pictures of the movies, the parks and more! 
 The pages in the Book are large with
pictures of the movies, and parks.

So these are my favorite Disney Items that I own.
I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays:)

Friday, December 16, 2011

My 10 Most favorite Disney items #3 and #2

#3 This was a gift that I received when I joined the D23 Club. You get a Magazine and a gift. This was the first gift I got when I joined. I love this poster and hung it in my living room. It was Mickey painting a SMILE on the World:) I have also got a Christmas Card from them that was a print of the one Walt Disney gave out for Christmas. So, if you join the D23 club you will get some really cool items along with some great magazines. I have enjoyed reading them over the years now. It's $75 to join for the whole year and you also get to purchase items online at the Disney Store (in the D23 section) when a member. :) All Smile here!

#2 Received as a gift for the family one Christmas, this waffle maker makes MICKEYS! Yummy! I love getting the Mickey waffles at Disney World when I stay at the resorts, but when I can't be there, it's nice to have a mickey waffle at home. It's the Best breakfast for Saturday mornings! This Mickey waffle maker is around $50.00 online. They also have others as well if you check out the Disney Store Website!:)
 Soon will be #1:) Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My 10 Most Favorite Disney Items #4 (remembering Walt Disney)

#4 This magnet was given to me when I started working at Walt Disney World at Magic Kingdom. It now has a permanent place on the fridge. Sorry, you can't buy this, you have to work at WDW in order to have one. Of course this was back in 2003, so I wonder if the magnet is still given out today to cast members. 

It has always reminded me, who I was working for and why...Making Dreams come true for Guests who walked through the gates at WDW. Working at MK made me feel very close to Walt Disney, though he had passed away years before I was born. I sometimes wonder what his reaction would be on Disney today, the Parks, the Movies, the Merchandise, the Cruises and other wonders of Disney.  But everywhere I go in the parks, his presence is there. He started something amazing and now is shared by all.

This Magnet reads:

"The Magic Kingdom shall be a place where once upon a time is now and the wondrous characters and places of make believe are brought to life. Timeless tales and bold adventures are experienced anew each day, and the vivid dreams of childhood always end well. Here, the spirit of Walt Disney will live on - delighting generation after generation with stories, myths, and legends shared by all.

To a Great man whom I feel passed away before his time, at the age of 65...Walt Disney. 
Born Dec. 5 1901 - Passed Dec. 15th 1966

Monday, December 12, 2011

My 10 Most Favorite Disney Items... #6 and #5

#6 I just love this picture of Mickey painting himself and him being Walt Disney. I know this was a play on Norman Rockwell which was so creatively done. I found this picture at Downtown Disney and feel in love with it. It cost about 25.00 and now sits near my computer. There are others at The Art of Disney at Downtown Disney to pick from.

#5 This Tinker Bell lamp sits by my bed, given to me by my wonderful sister one Christmas. She said she spent $50.00 on this great lamp. I really love using it at night to read my books. She said she got it at a Disney Store, though I don't think they sell this lamp anymore, though you could check on Ebay.

Come back soon for #4 and #3. Happy Holidays:)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My 10 Most Favorite Disney Items #8 and #7

8# My Three Mickey Canisters which I got off the Disney Store site a few years back. I had them in storage for a year but took them out this spring when we bought our house. I love them. They go so well in the kitchen too. They cost around $40.00.

7# I love this Disney Christmas Mickey Hanger with Bells. I also got this off the Disney Store site a few years ago. I am not sure if they sell the same one anymore, though I have seem some wonderful new ones. I remember getting it for around $25.00. I just love the colors!

Come back again soon for #6 and #5 :) Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 9, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: Disney Babies Jenn's little one Noah meeting Magician Mickey and Minnie

A trip to Walt Disney World is filled with magical moments.  Narrowing it down to one is always incredibly challenging for me, but when Disney Blue Fairy asked, I thought really hard about one specific memory.  Even after years and years of visiting the parks, my favorite memories all now revolve around my son’s reactions. 
At 2 years old, he’s been on three 4-day park hopping trips with a 5 day right around the corner.  Each trip has been so different - at 6 months, he was in awe of everything.  He enjoyed himself, though mostly he just tried to take everything in.  At 13 months, showed more interest and enjoyment, though was still in awe whenever he saw a favorite character.  At 18 months, he finally took pleasure in things.  He discovered a favorite ride (Living Seas with Nemo and friends, danced with characters at a breakfast (Hollywood ‘n Vine Play and Dine
But, our most magical experience?  In June, we headed into the Magic Kingdom for a few minutes at the end of one night to notice that the line to meet Mickey Mouse was only a few minutes long.  Noah had been chewing on his shoes, so I took off his shoes and took a barefoot Mickey inside Town Hall to meet Magician Mickey and Minnie. 
We waited in line, keeping Noah busy by playing with one of those ridiculously overpriced Mickey Mouse balloons and when we finally got backstage (in the same room as the characters, but a separate line), Noah’s eyes lit up and he had a hard time waiting his turn.  Only a few minutes later, we put him down, not thinking, and he ran to meet Mickey.  Unfortunately, a cast member said “no shoes, he can’t be on the floor” so we had to pick him up and he sort was so distracted, he lost his extreme excitement.  We met the characters and they were wonderful with him – he even sat on Mickey’s lap!
(I can’t access my photo pass pics! Sad!)
Though he wasn’t very interactive and we weren’t sure if he enjoyed meeting them, as we exited and enter the store, he found the piles and piles of Mickey Mouse dolls and found one he hadn’t previously owned – the Sorcerer Mickey.  Very similar to the Magician Mickey he had just met inside, he picked up this Mickey Mouse and wouldn’t let go.  He held on to that Mickey and loved it and hugged it – keeping his memory of the character he just met alive for the rest of the evening and trip.
Photos taken while watching the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Thanks for having me!!

This Magical Moment comes from Disney Babies Blog
Came also come and follow on Twitter  @Disneybabiesblg

So, if you had an amazing Magical Moment at Disney, or your child/children had a Great character

experience, or something wonderful happened at Disney with your WHOLE family and you would 

love to share this Magical Moment with others...Now you can:)


...and tell my wonderful readers about your magical moment at Disney!

Can be a few paragraphs, can share a photo of two of the moment.

And every Saturday and Sunday, I'll SPOTLIGHT Magical Moments on my DisneyBlueFairy Blog:)

Hope everyone has a Magical Day!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

And the Winner for the Princess Stocking Stuffer Giveaway is....



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My 10 Most Favorite Disney Items #10 and #9

 This Holiday Season,
I wanted to share my 10 most
favorite Disney items.
 Starting with #10 and #9

#10 This is my favorite Minnie Mouse. She is wearing the outfit from the Haunted Mansion. When I was working at Magic Kingdom, I ran the Cart outside the mansion at Walt Disney World. Before I left, I bought this Minnie to remind me of my time at the cart back in 2003.

#9 Also when I was working at Disney, I picked up my first Christmas ornament for a Tree. I loved this Ariel ornament. She is in her wedding dress. This is still one of my favorite ornaments on  Christmas Tree and sits close to the top at the front so I can always see it during the Holiday season.

Come Back soon for #8 and #7 :) Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Walt Disney!

Happy Birthday Walt!
If he was walking on earth today, he would be 110 years old!
Born Dec 5th, 1901

To honor Walt's Birthday I wanted to share some of his most memorable quotes:

"If you can Dream it, You can do it"

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible" 

"The more you like yourself,
the less you are like anyone else,
which makes you unique."

"We keep moving forward,
opening new doors, and doing new things, 
because we're curious
and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

"I always like to look on the optimistic side of life,
but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter."

Did you know:
Did you know that Disney had received 59 Academy Award nominations
and won seven Emmy Awards and 26 Oscars, plus four being won
in the same year! He has had the most awards and nominations
for an individual over any other!

Thanks for everything...
there won't have anything "Disney" without you!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Around the World at Epcot / WDW

My stepson is ten years old, but he told me he is looking forward to going to Walt Disney World when he is sixteen years old. I was curious why he couldn't wait to be sixteen and go to WDW. He told me that he wanted to go on the Segway. He had been on a Segway as a trail run at Clark's Trading Post in New Hampshire, and now really wants to ride one around the World Showcase at Epcot.
So, I looked into the Around the World at Epcot, for I wanted to learn more about it. I also know I few family members who have done this adventure at WDW. I remember them telling me what a wonderful, fun experience they had going around the Showcase at Epcot in the morning before people got into the park.
You ride on a 2-wheel Segway Personal Transporter and you can do the tour even if you are a beginner. The tour reads that you have to be 16 years old and weigh between 100 to 250 pounds. Now, if you have never been on a Segway before, the do take time showing you how to use one before taking you on 1.3 mile loop around the Showcase. I have been on a few Segways before and they are fun. You have to use your body weight to make the Segway go forward and backwards.
The price for this wonderful enjoyment is $99.00, but if you have a Disney Visa Card you can get 20% off your tickets which is great. I told my stepson that when he gets older that we will do this fun 2 hour tour together. If you have ever been on this tour, I would love to know your experience. If you are interested in taking this tour on your next Disney trip...just call Call (407) WDW-TOUR or (407) 939-8687

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Princess Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

It's that time of year!! 
December 1st and its time to get ready for Christmas...
so what better way to start this month off,
but with a Princess Stocking Stuffer Giveaway!

To enter all you have to do is put in separate entries with your name in the comment section below. They each need to be separate for each will count as one entry:
EXAMPLE: Hi I am Ariel Snow and I follow you on Twitter
EXAMPLE: I am Ariel Snow and I have liked your Disney Fan Page

These are what you can entry with: let me know how you are following my blog:

  1. Follow my DisneyBlueFairy blog
  2. Friend me on Facebook under Ariel Snow
  3. Friend me on Twitter @DisneyBlueFairy
  4. "like" my Disney Fan Page on Facebook
  5.  Tell me who is your favorite Disney Princess (this one is a MUST)
You can enter one or all five, it's all up to you! But you have to enter who you favorite Princess is, for the winner will also have their favorite princess post on my blog next week when the winner is picked.

Here are the fun giveaway princess stuffers!

Three Princess chap-sticks (Ariel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty) , A Princess Disney Poster, Ariel pin and Ariel bookmark, plus Daisy and Minnie stickers (for they are Princesses to me and I am sure Mickey and Donald would agree!)

Good Luck...Winner will be picked next Thursday! 
Happy Holidays:)
Any questions on this giveaway..let me know!:)
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