Monday, May 18, 2015

Finding Disney Treasures

This weekend I spent some of my time in the morning shopping around at Yard Sales. I had one thing on my brain while hopping from one yard to another....Disney! My favorite finds are old treasures that can't be found anymore on the shelves at Disney or online. I like to see what people have left in their basements over the years and finally letting these items see the light! Here are a few of my finds this weekend...

I found this 'A pictorial souvenir of Walt Disney World' book. It looked old, a few pages were falling out but still in good condition. It was at a yard sale that you could give a donation, so I gave a few dollars for this book and a few others finds. When I got home, I found out online
that this book is from 1975 before Epcot. This book was a fun find for me!
Also at this yard sale was a Press-Out book of Dumbo by McDonald's back in 1987. The best part of this book is nothing is pressed out. All the pieces are still in the book and prefect! I was excited about this Disney item, I love Dumbo!
Another Yard Sale had Disney magnets. I remember seeing pictures of these Disney magnets but weer excited
to get each one for 25 cents a piece. Mickey, Minnie, Donald magnets and a Walt Disney World magnet before Animal Kingdom. The people at the sale told me that their parents loved to travel and would pick up magnets as souvenirs. Picking up magnets is a great idea for souvenirs and something I do also when traveling!
MY favorite find was this Disney watch. It's Mickey and friends Disney Time Works watch from Disney. Can't find anymore and it's hardly used. I picked it up for $4.00! It was like a Dream Come True!
Do you Yard Sale for Disney Finds? What amazing things have you found?

Have A Magical day!

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