Sunday, April 12, 2015

Become the 1000th happy haunt at The Haunted Mansion

Become the 1000th happy haunt at The Haunted my son did when you go to Magic Kingdom at WDW. He loves the Haunted Mansion ride, it's always been a favorite and now the one he has to visit first when we go to MK. This time we went, they had the new Haunted Mansion Store Opened...Yes, sadly the cart is no longer there :( but the store is amazing and fits right in with the theme. The best part is they have a room where they capture your inner ghost...and my son had own his! He loved the experience...and what we saw after was awesome!

This is his picture, you move it from side to side and see your inner ghost. He now has it in his room. This amazing picture is 19.95...and the best part is a glowing spirit (right) in the back room makes it for you and sends it out to you here in the cabinet (left):

So if you want to be the 1000th happy haunt and see what your inner spirit looks like..then stop on by the new haunted mansion gift shop for a special treat!

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