Sunday, May 10, 2015

Yard/Garage Sale Hopping : Disney Finds

I love going to Yard/Garage Sales and look around for Disney items. This Saturday I visited six houses and found some Cool Disney items. I get excited when I find anything Disney related and have to buy! Here are my finds on Saturday: 

I found mugs, different kinds and love collecting them. I got a Disney On Ice Mug for 25 cents, a Walt Disney World Mug that still had its price tag on it of $6.95, for 50 cents. The lady said she had never used it. And I found an Epcot Center mug that has a date of 1982. It's in great condition and again, never used from what I was told for 50 cents. Mugs are very common to find at Yard Sales because many people buy them and then realize they have to many and sell them. I have found some great Disney mugs by visiting Yard Sales.
Also found was a Tinkerbell Figurine Set : Fairies which was never taken out of the box. Price tag still on for 12.50 but I paid 1.00 for the set! Great deal!
 The last find was a Disney Puzzle box, on Disney vintage posters and also had its poster still inside, nice and clean, all 1000 pieces! I paid 50 cents for it!

What fun Disney Find have you found when hunting through Yard Sales? I'm already excited about my next Disney Find adventure out on a Saturday morning! 

Have a Magical Day!

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