Monday, February 2, 2015

Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Fun for all ages!

I would have to say that one of my favorite mini golf courses I have ever been to so far has to be Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf. My family and I enjoyed all the holes on the course. Each one was unique and challenging. All of us that played were over 10 so it was $14.00 to get in, though you can have it on your passes when you buy your tickets. 
There are 18 holes in all and each one exciting to play! Its great for all ages! If you have never tried any of the mini golf courses at Disney World but wanted to at least try one, then Fantasia is the way to go!

I loved all the characters along the way through this fun course! The Hippo, the alligator, the flamingos and Mickey of course! Some objects move while you play on a course so it can be difficult for kids and even some adults! LOL! You do get a score sheet and pencil to keep track of your points. 

We had decided to play mini golf on an off day at Disney. An off day for us is when we don't go to the parks and just explore other  things Disney has to offer. We decided to go to Disney Boardwalk and then walked over to the mini golf course. It was about an hour to play with the four of us.  

So, keep this on your list of fun things to do while at Disney World on an Off Day! 

Have a Magical Day! 



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