Sunday, July 13, 2014

Maleficent Free Fall App Review and Use Bing Awards to pay for Powers through Amazon

I have enjoyed the Frozen Free Fall app and so I decided to give Maleficent Free Fall app a try. Based on the same idea but still very different. I love the map, which is more of a book with chapters that you follow as you bet levels. You have different powers which you can use to help you during the level. I like that you can earn power points when beating a level. The more stars you have at the end of the level, more power points you will receive. 

You start at the beginning of the story and your companion is young Maleficent. You go through the first chapter with her and then after you have the older Maleficent. Each level has different different things, like shields, or jars, or chains..etc, that you have to break or fill with crystals. I have been playing the game for four weeks and still enjoy trying to beat each level I come across. If you have enjoyed playing Frozen, then you should give Maleficent a will get addicted to the game! 

At the beginning with Young Maleficent

A level with Young Maleficent

The first chapter in the story, lights up to the level you are playing

This is the second chapter

This is in the four chapter, each chapter has 15 levels

This is a level where you have to fill bottles to win

 Overall, I enjoy this app as much as I have enjoyed Frozen. I love the graphics, the levels and my companions. If you don't like buying power to help with some levels, you can earn points in the game and can always join Bing for free (like me) to earn $$ to play. 

Have a Magical Day!

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