Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disney Dream Reward Dollars...What do you do with yours?

 I have had my Disney Visa Card since 2005! I had gone down to Walt Disney World and noticed how some guests were using their Disney Dream Reward Dollars to pay for their Disney Vacation. Every Dream Dollar you earn is a dollar you can use for different perks at Disney. I thought, if I am going to have a credit card and get rewards, it might as wall be toward Disney! 
With the card there are only fun perks you can get, like Character Meet N Greet at locations that are just for cardholders. Loved seeing the characters this way! Plus I loved getting 10% off merchandise at some of the Disney stores when visiting WDW. 
These are a few of the new designs
 Now, you can also use the Rewards for the online Disney Store. There has been many times I have gotten gifts for family and friends with the Disney Dream Dollars and didn't have to pay out of pocket. Great to use during the Holiday Season. Plus the send you mailing offers, to let you know how many dollars you have, coupons, special offers to use. I have taken advantage of just about everything. If you are a huge Disney Fan, this could be a card for you. Great way to pay bills then put your money back on the card, and get Free dream dollars! 

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