Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where's My Water review as an adult

So, I have been hearing about this app from my students at the club for awhile. They all have seemed to love it. We have had our kindle of almost six months now and I realized today that I didn't have this app yet? I was thinking...Maybe my stepson would enjoy this new app to play since he is eleven years old. I got the kindle and bought the app for 99cents! It being cheap I wonder why I didn't get this app sooner, but I finally purchased it!
The whole idea is to get the water to the crocodile, and get all three ducks!
Now, I didn't wait until he came home to have him try the app, I thought to myself "Maybe I'll try a sneak peak first!" 

Well, a half hour later and 55 levels into the game and I found myself hooked! It's fun, challenging and not hard to play at all. The levels get a little more tricky as you go up, but there are 600 levels to get though. You will find yourself hooked and your kids trying to get you away from their app! 
Seriously, lots of fun...even for grownups! Great Disney app for the whole family to enjoy.
Have a Magical Day!

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