Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some of my favorite Disney Holiday decorations

Some of my favorite Disney Holiday decorations are...

These wonderful Christmas lights of Candy Cane Mickey heads that lights up.  I had bought two sets and up them up on my windows inside the house for enjoyment. I love when they are turned on and glowing bright. Bought them from the Disney Store online.

 I just love this Disney Countdown to Christmas wall hanger. My stepson has up the little ornaments in the slots for each day now, for about four years. He looks forward to when this calender gets set up each year and he always tries to keep the same pattern of placing each year as well which is cute.This was also bought on the Disney Store site a few years ago and I have seen it on there again this year.

This is such a cute piece to up up as a display. Mickey and Minnie making a snowman together. I love that Pluto is there as well. Though I find it interesting that Minnie has no eye lashes.This was bought at a Hallmark store in my town.  

These are just a few...more to come soon!

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