Monday, July 9, 2012

Walkway stones in Magic Kingdom

I have always wanted to get a stone on the Walkway up to Magic Kingdom. I know that right now they have stopped putting in new stones with people's names but I am wondering who has ever had it done? I would love to hear from those lucky people who had a stone put in with their names on it, maybe next time I go down, my stepson can try to find you:) 
He loves the stones up to Magic Kingdom..he wanted to have one with his name on it but I heard they aren't going to start it up until around 2022??? again. So question..who has a name on the walkway and where it is located:)

 My stepson taking pictures of the stones on our way to Magic Kingdom. He loved them and hopes to one day have his name on one!:)
Up close picture of the stones

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