Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Using Photoshop with Disney Pics

I love using Photoshop to have fun with my Disney Trip Pictures taken over the years. I enjoy making each picture different to add to scrapbooks and hanging on the walls. It is a fun way to display memories and its pretty easy. There are many different tools to use in Photoshop that will change you picture without having to do to much and get stressed out. 

This picture is of my stepson looking into Pluto's mouth while getting an autograph at Chef Mickey. I went into Photoshop and used Glowing Edges which is a tool to make the edges around each main line glow, like glow sticks. Then I put the edges on number four, brightness on seven and smoothness on four. I wanted to the lines to be bright around each main characters and people to let them stick 

Here in Photoshop I went into the Pencil Sketch tool to make Cinderella's Castle look sketched. The castle was turning pink at the time so the sketch is pink on the castle. I loved how this turned out and it only took a minute to make it happen in Photoshop. looks great in a scrapbook.

Have fun with your pictures in Photoshop, a neat why to display memories:)
Will put another post up soon on other ways I use Photoshop to display pictures of my Disney vacations!
Have a Magical Day!

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