Friday, March 16, 2012

Magical Moment - Colorado Mountain Mom's Disney Magical Moment

This Magical Moment didn’t come from a special interaction with a specific Cast Member … it was just an all around perfect experience that resulted in a very happy Disney family memory.

My Disney obsession actually started a little over 3 years ago, when we took my daughter on her first trip to Disney World.  This was the first time we experienced Disney as parents, and that in itself was very magical indeed!

However, to make it even more memorable – it was the year of my parents 40th wedding anniversary, so we used that as an excuse to talk them into meeting us there for a family celebration trip together!  The trip also fell within a week of our 6th anniversary, so we all wore our Mickey and Minnie “Happy Anniversary” buttons throughout the trip.  If you haven’t celebrated an event like this at Disney, it’s a fantastic experience.  As soon as a Cast Member spots your badge, they are greeting you and offering well wishes.  It really contributed to it feeling like a big, week long celebration!  My parents ate up every minute of it - it was so fun to see them that happy.

As I was completely new to Walt Disney World at the time, I went with a Cast Member’s recommendation (over the WDW Dining Reservation line) that we book a dinner at Narcoossee’s for our official Anniversary dinner.  What a beautiful choice it turned out to be!

You can’t beat the classy atmosphere at the Grand Floridian where this restaurant is located, and Narcoosee’s sits just outside - right on the water.  She had also given me the tip to select a dinner time so that we could watch fireworks right there off of the restaurant deck after we ate.  Ooohhh… I liked the sound of that!

Two well spent credits off the Disney Dining Plan and one of the best Surf and Turf meals I’ve ever had later … the sun was setting, and it was time to go out on the deck and watch the show. 

And then my small moment of panic set in.  Now mind you, I pretty much live and breathe for fireworks.  Would this be an inferior experience, from a distance across the water?   We were going to miss the accompanying music and narration?

Alas, Disney thinks of everything.  When you watch the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks show “Wishes” from one of the adjacent resorts, they play the soundtrack for you!  When I heard Jiminy Cricket’s voice start in the outdoor speaker overhead, on the deck of Narcoossee’s … all was well.  And I must say, seeing the fireworks across the water is a must-do, at some point during your vacation!  It truly was a Magical Moment.

This three generation trip was absolutely the best vacation of our lives.  Every one of us enjoyed ourselves immensely, and we made some amazing memories to take home with us!

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  1. What a magical flashback!! Disney really knows how to create them!


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