Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Disney Kitchen

Mickey Mouse Flatware
I would love to continue to transform my Kitchen into a Disney Kitchen. There are so many great Disney Products that I have found online that would look great in a Disney Kitchen and most you can get right on in the Home & Decor Section. I have been going here to add Disney items to my Disney Kitchen over the years. How many items come and go on this site. Everything is amazing and works great in a Disney Kitchen. My husband and I have just bought a new house and I have had ideas on how to transform my Kitchen to make it feel more Disney! I love the Mickey Mouse Flatware Set -- 24-Pc.! They are so beautiful and I love the touch of Mickey icon cut-out at the bottom of the flatware. The set in $49.95. Now if you want, you can always use your points on your Disney Visa cards to get these items completely FREE! I know that most use their points for Disney Trips, but if you have collected many points and are told you need to start using them before losing them. This is the way to go! Get great Disney items for your Kitchen!
Also, for a touch of Disney in your Kitchen, you can use Mickey Mouse Kitchen Towels. I have bought many over the years and these add such a wonderful touch to a Disney Kitchen. Right now on the DisneyStore Site, you can get the Gourmet Mickey Mouse Kitchen Towel Set -- 2-Pk. for $14.95. I love the colors, very soft fro a Kitchen and there is MICKEY on them! There are also  Mickey Mouse Kitchen Towel these are also great for the Kitchen. They come in four colors Red, Green, Blue and Black. Each are $6.95! I have also bought them for gifts to inspire a Disney Kitchen for my friends.
Bamboo Mickey Mouse Platter
Plus there is so much more you can put in your Disney Kitchen like: Mickey Mouse Oven Mitts, Mickey and Minnie Bowls, Mickey Mouse placemats, Mickey Mouse Napkin Rings, Mickey Mouse Ice Cube Tray, Bamboo Mickey Mouse Platter and so much more!
The DisneyStore Site has so many wonderful items that make a for a great Disney Kitchen. Every time I visit the site, I see more that I want for my Kitchen at Home that its turning into a Magical Disney Kitchen. So, if you have been wanting to start to design your Disney Kitchen, I would start with the DisneyStore site for your Disney items. This site has just about everything! Have a Magical Day:)
What does your Disney Kitchen look like? Have you been wanting to add a Disney Touch to your Kitchen? There are so many Disney Kitchen products out there that you better get started right away! :)

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  1. I have those towels.. and the matching s/p shaker (though the mouse ears break too easily!).. and we also have the matching clock and ladle holder! We went nuts a couple of years ago!


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