Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Fun Walt Disney World Tour at Magic Kingdom

Disney's Keys to the Kingdom Tour

   I really wanted to take my husband on this tour for our Honeymoon. Since I had once worked at Magic Kingdom, I thought it would be so much fun to show him some of the behind the scenes at Magic Kingdom. 
This tour is for 16 and older, for the don't want to hurt the magic for the younger ones. If you use a Disney Chase card you get 20% off this fun tour. When I called up, I set us for the 10:00 o' clock morning tour. We were both excited.
   When we arrived that morning, we were greeted with a smile. They gave us a few morning snacks, coffee and bottled water. We also got a cool name tag which were ours to keep. They like for you to arrive about a half hour before the tour starts to get all that you need and to head sets. They want to make sure you can hear the tour at all times. Our tour guide was amazing. She was so friendly. She told us that she had always wanted to work at Walt Disney World, so her husband and her relocated to Orlando so she could out live her dream. She really enjoyed being a tour guide and was amazing at her job. We were so interested in everything she had to say about the Magic Kingdom and Walt.
Keys to the Kingdom
   The tour starts out on Main Street USA, then heads over to Adventureland. There we got to skip the lines to Jungle Cruise and got a special tour. We learned about the ride and other attractions. Then she brought us to Columbia Harbour House where we ate in the VIP section. Believe it or not, Prince Harry from England was there with some family members. We enjoyed our meal and got a cool Pin that was shaped as a Key. It said Key to the Kingdom. Loved it. 
   After Lunch we headed over to the Haunted Mansion where we were lead into the ride by a side entrance. I remember this way when I was getting my tour as an College Program intern for Magic Kingdom. What I really enjoyed most though was when we were taken back to see where they hold the parades. We got to look inside a float. My husband found the Utilidors to be fun, but I have worked at Magic Kingdom, so it brought back many memories for me. I had once got a little confused down there in those halls. 
   Overall the Tour was great and the rest of the day we enjoyed the park. Went on a few more rides and watched the fireworks. If you want to see the behind the scenes at Disney, this is a great tour to go on. The tour guides are great and you will love everything you see!
Call (407) WDW-TOUR or (407) 939-8687 to make your reservations:)

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