Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting into a Disney Parade

So, everyday when I go on to check my posts, I notice that someone is looking at my post "How I got into a Disney Parade" . It's a post I did on my experience on how I got into the Animal Kingdom Parade. When I check to see what people wrote to get to my posting, I see...
"how to get into a disney parade"
"how one can get into a disney parade"
"a disney parade and getting into one"

This is how I did it...

I got into a Disney Parade back in 2004  by pure "LUCK". My two friends and I arrived to Animal Kingdom during mid-day. The Bridge that takes guests from Oasis to The Tree of Life is where I got this LUCKY chance to be in Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade. It was around noon when we arrived, a cast member approached us on the Bridge. I thought she wanted to take our picture, she then asked, "How would you like to be in a parade?" We HAPPEN to be the PERFECT number for the front float. They were looking for three guests traveling together. Some floats needed a Party of Four, but ours needed a Party of Three.
  • If you are traveling down to Disney in a very large party, chances are cast members are not going to ask you because your party is to large. If you happen to go in a smaller group, then your chances are higher.
  • If it's Animal Kingdom, go by the bridge during mid-day, they were looking for guests a few hours before the parade starts.
  • They ask you to show up at a certain Spot at a certain need to then make sure you do show up there. There will also be other guest there as well that are going on other floats. So, you want to be there on TIME. The cast members had vents and hats for us to wear and will talk to you about the parade.
So, you chances in getting into a Disney Parade is "small" but you can increase your chance by being in a smaller group, show up to the front of AK or the other parks during mid-day. This is when cast members are more likely to be looking for guests, a few hours before the parade. Then show up on time to get you spot on the float. And this could be you...

If anyone has ever made it into a Disney Parade I would love to know
how it happened for you.
Hope to all those that want to get into a Disney parade, that this helps a little
and that one day "your dream comes true"

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