Saturday, November 19, 2011

A mom enjoying Magic Kingdom and Wishes with her family

Being with Family at Walt Disney World and 
enjoying seeing Wishes together!

The Happy Osgood Family

   The Magical Moment that I loved most is the fireworks at Walt Disney World over the castle with my family. Wishes is most beautiful thing I have ever watched and watching the fireworks with my two grown up boys Jason and Cory and my husband Dave was wonderful.We had taken them down when they were young and things always went wrong, getting sick mostly. But we had a great time being together when they got older.
   Also coming around a corner and meeting up with Mickey Mouse and my youngest Cory being able to get a great picture with him was a great Magical Moment of mine. I enjoyed being with my boys at the parks when they were older as much as when they were young.

Wishes at Magic Kingdom
given by the Osgood Family 

This Magical Moment was given by
a wonderful mom from New England:)


...and tell my wonderful readers about your magical moment at Disney.

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