Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disney Dream Reward Dollars...What do you do with yours?

 I have had my Disney Visa Card since 2005! I had gone down to Walt Disney World and noticed how some guests were using their Disney Dream Reward Dollars to pay for their Disney Vacation. Every Dream Dollar you earn is a dollar you can use for different perks at Disney. I thought, if I am going to have a credit card and get rewards, it might as wall be toward Disney! 
With the card there are only fun perks you can get, like Character Meet N Greet at locations that are just for cardholders. Loved seeing the characters this way! Plus I loved getting 10% off merchandise at some of the Disney stores when visiting WDW. 
These are a few of the new designs
 Now, you can also use the Rewards for the online Disney Store. There has been many times I have gotten gifts for family and friends with the Disney Dream Dollars and didn't have to pay out of pocket. Great to use during the Holiday Season. Plus the send you mailing offers, to let you know how many dollars you have, coupons, special offers to use. I have taken advantage of just about everything. If you are a huge Disney Fan, this could be a card for you. Great way to pay bills then put your money back on the card, and get Free dream dollars! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kingdom Keepers Book Series! Its a MUST!


I just started reading this book series and couldn't put the first book down after I started reading it! The story is all about Magic Kingdom and what it could be like after dark. When the villains come out and try to take over Walt Disney World. Five teens have to try to save the Kingdom before its to late and let me tell you...there are some parts in the book that gave me goose bumps. I could image going through what these kids went through while going through the park after dark and trying to save what Walt Disney loved so much!
Of course for me, since I have worked at Magic Kingdom back in 2003, I can remember walking around the park when the guests had left. I once stood in front of the castle looking up with on one around me. I had even walked over to Tomorrowland with just seeing two security guards. Every thing was quiet, nit like this book. This book has the park active at night with the characters coming to life. Wouldn't it be fun if only the good characters came to life and you could hang out with them at the park after dark. 
Let me tell you, there is nothing like Disney after dark, and so if you never had a chance to be in Magic Kingdom when its closed, then here is your chance to imagine what it could be like after the gates close. Trust me, once you read this book, you are going to want to buy the rest of the series! There are five out right now. The 6th book in the series will be released in the first week of April 2013, so you better start reading so you can be ready for that six one next year! 
Have a magical Day! 

PS. Strangely my bookstore didn't have this series, so I had to order it. I don't live close to any big shopping area, but you can also order it for Kindle if you have one! :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sweepstakes - DVC - Fun to play!

I found this Sweepstakes for the DVC in my email a few weeks ago and was excited to play the game for a chance to win a 3 year DVC membership. The game is really fun to play and a person can play it once a day to gain points. The more points you get, the more chances you have to get a bigger prize if you win. 

One of the Game boards you play on
You get to three boards to play on...one is picked for you and two you pick. The boards are fun, World of Discoveries, Seaside Splendors, Majestic Woodslands, and Magical ThemeParks. On these game boards you go up against villains who want the points toward their wins. They have game pieces to pick from..I love any of the Mickey hats. You race on each board for points for a chance to win. You can play every day and if you didn't get an email..its ok...
you can go to the website http://disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com and go to Sweepstakes to play. This is going on through Jan. 31, 2013! 
You still have plenty of time to enter so give it a shot! You might be surprised! I know I enjoy playing and cross my fingers that one of these days I win a cool prize from Disney!
Now, you play up to ten times, or until you reach 500 points...so get going and hope that you can win over those villains! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Tinker Bell 1st Birthday Party!

I have to say that I loved my cousin's cakes that she made for her daughter's first birthday party. These cakes were made that same day! She spent all morning frosting the forest for Tinker Bell and her friends to live in. She placed fake flowers on the cakes and little bug friends. I loved that cakes and they were so yummy too! Great job cuz! Your daughter is one lucky little girl:)

Tinker Bell's friends in forest

More Tinker Bell's friends in the forest

The cake that was eaten (played with) by a sweet little Birthday girl.
"The Birthday Girl"

Have a Magical Day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where's My Water review as an adult

So, I have been hearing about this app from my students at the club for awhile. They all have seemed to love it. We have had our kindle of almost six months now and I realized today that I didn't have this app yet? I was thinking...Maybe my stepson would enjoy this new app to play since he is eleven years old. I got the kindle and bought the app for 99cents! It being cheap I wonder why I didn't get this app sooner, but I finally purchased it!
The whole idea is to get the water to the crocodile, and get all three ducks!
Now, I didn't wait until he came home to have him try the app, I thought to myself "Maybe I'll try a sneak peak first!" 

Well, a half hour later and 55 levels into the game and I found myself hooked! It's fun, challenging and not hard to play at all. The levels get a little more tricky as you go up, but there are 600 levels to get though. You will find yourself hooked and your kids trying to get you away from their app! 
Seriously, lots of fun...even for grownups! Great Disney app for the whole family to enjoy.
Have a Magical Day!
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