Friday, April 7, 2017

Pricing Your Way To Disney

I've loved going every year to Disney since 2001...but as the years went by, pricing went up. And at times, it was small but lately, it seems pricing is becoming too high for families go. When people ask me if I am going again soon, I now state "Hopefully soon" because I know once I start looking at pricing, it will just make me realize how far off another Disney trip is for me and my family. So, to attempt to go sooner, we have taken on other jobs. I have started working online from home, and so has my husband. 
When speaking with friends, I have had a few tell me they have done, or are doing the same thing, trying to find another small job to pay for another trip to Disney. Have you ever got another job to pay for a trip to see the Mouse? If so, what job did you do and for how long did you work it to take another dream vacation to the FantasyLand of FL? or even in CA?

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