Monday, June 3, 2013

Disney Vinyl from AKM Vinyl Designs

I have been wanting for so long a Disney Vinyl for my Disney Room which I have been working on in the past two years. I wanted a Disney quote from Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse. I started to look around but most sites had some that were to big, or not the right Mickey Mouse, or way to small, and some where so pricey! 
After looking around for awhile, I started to ask about Disney vinyls on my Facebook page. An old high school friend of mine than wrote to me saying she was starting her own vinyl design. I was like 'no way!' Asked me what I was looking for...and after sharing my idea, she had some wonderful designs to show me. She was great at really listening to what I wanted, made changes and sent me pictures to make sure I loved the fonts, and design. When I asked about the price of the design I wanted, I was shocked on how reasonable the price was since I wanted a large vinyl for the room. 32" by 13" was the size I needed. The quote is 22" starting next to Mickey. After I gave her the 'ok' it wasn't long before she wrote to me telling me it was complete and on its way to my door!
I was so exited when it arrived. It was in perfect condition. The vinyl came with instructions which were easy to follow. The result is plain to see below...PREFECT!

If you have been thinking about ordering your own vinyl, want someone that will listen to your idea and really design something that you will love, than you should check out AKM Vinyl Designs. 

Her name is Amber K. Mills. 
Number: 603-865-5115
facebook: /akmvinyldesigns
twitter: @akmvinyldesigns

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