Monday, September 24, 2012

My favorite Disney Cap

It has been almost ten years since I worked at Walt Disney World in the WDW College Program. On graduation day in Epcot, we all were given a folder of awards and a Disney Graduation Cap with Mickey ears. I have had mine stored in a bin with some other Disney memorabilia. A day ago I was going through the bin and had to put it back on. It was like I was at Epcot again, standing by the stage were Mickey congratulated us all for completing the program and we moved the tassel to the other side.  Here is my Disney Graduation Cap:
My Disney Cap
What is reads on the cap
Not sure if they still give this same cap out on graduation. If you are in college and interested in the program head over to 
This is a great opportunity for any college student who is interested in working fro Disney or has ever wanted to be apart of the magic!

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